Affinity Cosmetic & Laser Center

Dr. Pejman Bahari is an osteopathic physician and surgeon who practices cosmetic medicine with emphasis on holistic patient care. It is important to understand that even though an osteopathic physician’s education and training is equal to that of any other medical doctor, there is a significant difference in osteopathic physician’s approach to patients. Main stream medicine is divided into specialties and consequently most doctors focus on a specific section of the patient’s health whereas an osteopathic physician doesn’t see the patient as a body part - or even a sum of body parts - but as an integrated and interdependent whole. As osteopathic physician, Dr. Bahari refuses to jeopardize the whole of a patient for the sake of a cosmetic improvement and advocates non-invasive and / or minimally invasive treatments that produce natural results and eliminate the need for plastic surgery and general anesthesia. Dr. Bahari improves and/or corrects the patient’s areas of concern at a minimum risk to the overall wellness of the patient. In keeping with his holistic values, Dr. Bahari provides laser therapy, facial injectables and most recently a state-of-the-art liposculpture. His holistic approach leads him to perform treatments that are non- or minimally-invasive and produce target-specific improvements without endangering or traumatizing the patient’s entire body. Dr. Bahari performs non-surgical rhinoplasty, brow lift, eyelift, face lift, and dark under eye circle removal using laser, injectables, or a combination of both. The type of tumescent liposculpture Dr. Bahari has chosen to make available to his patients is the least invasive technique to date: it poses minimum risk to patients while producing excellent and permanent results. Dr. Bahari’s commitment to patients’ safety, sensitivity to their needs, his artistic abilities and attention to detail make him extra-ordinarily successful at achieving optimal cosmetic results for his patients. Dr. Bahari’s Affinity Cosmetic & Laser Center in Woodland Hills is in business for five years. For the past seven years Dr. Bahari works also at the South Central Family Health Center in Los Angeles (the facility is funded by the State of California and serves the under- and uninsured.) He is a member of American Osteopathic Association, American Board of Family Medicine and American Board of Osteopathic Family Physicians. Among Dr. Bahari’s most recent community efforts is his support for Being Alive Los Angeles, the agency that specializes in providing supportive services, education, wellness and self-empowerment for people living with HIV/AIDS.