Artist Crush is an independent interactive multi-media group specializing in artist branding and identity creation. To position every Artist Crush artist on a clear path in expressing and sharing their art form for all to see their vision and feel their passion in what they love to do every day of their life. Every up and coming artist with a passion for music longs for a label to sign them and offer an amazing signing bonus. The reality is that unless you have already created your concept and have a following a label will never look twice. But with the direction media capabilities are headed in it is possible for an artist to build the initial foundation themselves and actually have bargaining power with labels as well as bringing in an income while still in negotiations. Aspiring superstars can brand themselves, build their fan base, and sell their own products and tracks with digital distribution capabilities. The issue many run into is that they do not have the knowledge to build this by themselves or lack the skills in order to do so simply because their craft is creating their music. A new way for up and coming music artists to make a name for themselves is set to launch at the end of the week, Artist Crush is a full service artist branding, consultation, and branding company. The experience the team at Artist Crush consists of experienced software engineers and professional designers as well as accredited graphic artist, writers, software engineers and industry gurus. All of the creative staff working with Artist Crush are degreed professionals with extensive experience in every part of the project, from start to completion with the ability to create a full Press Package and give these artists the edge they need to really make it in an extremely saturated industry. So whether an artist decides their goal is to snag the attention of major industry labels or they want to simply build a movement for themselves and generate an income from the very music they love creating Artist Crush is the perfect solution for them. Everything they need in one place and backed by experienced individuals in the industry. There has never been a one stop shop for an artist to create a brand, increase fans, build their website, and generate an income. As they like to say… PREPARE TO GET CRUSHED!!! Join Us :-