Asiana Travel Mate

ASIANA TRAVEL MATE Mission Statement To care for our travelers in a professional, yet personally sensitive manner, providing the highest quality of services and best values possible always delivering our promises and acting responsibly for the integrity of the natural environment and local communities. Welcome to Indochina This publication tells the story of Asiana Travel Mate; our humble beginnings, surprising growth, modest achievements and vision for the future. It is as much a personal story as it is a corporate account, for we are a close knit community dedicated to our work, bonded by a common vision and shared values. Since we founded the company in 2006, we have been building on the ethical foundation of "Responsible Travel and Sharing" which now permeates our organization from the grassroots and extends to our network of strategic partners. We believe in taking personal and corporate responsibility for the delivery of services as promised and in addressing any problems experienced by our travelers besides being sensitive to the natural and social environment. We endeavor to benefit local communities, especially where we have a presence, and have initiated ongoing community outreach programs and special events to do so. It is important that our corporate entity has a human face and heart and we are committed to provide our travelers with the best possible experiences in a professional, yet personally sensitive manner. It is deeply fulfilling that we have been able to serve our travelers with integrity and competence, raise a new generation of dedicated professionals and share the benefits of the tourism industry with local communities. At the heart of our endeavors, is the love for our beautiful, peaceful homeland that we genuinely desire to share with our travelers.