Awesomeness Reminders LLC

At Awesomeness Reminders, we have a passion for positivity. We believe that in this interconnected age, all too often we become alienated from each other by the very technologies that should be connecting us. We are so swamped with information that we fail to truly communicate with those who are most important to us. What ever happened to the good ol’ phone call? The field of Positive Psychology has proven scientifically that regular validation from the people in our lives is essential to our happiness. What kind of energy are you putting out into the world? We all want to give the gift of affirmation the those we care about. But in today’s world of texting, social media, and email, that essential signal can get lost among all the noise. That’s where Awesomeness Reminders comes in. With the touch of a button, you can send someone a personal phone call from a warm, caring human being to remind them that they are unique, valued, and, well… Awesome! Awesomeness Reminders. Positivity Personified™.