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Hearing loss is on the rise, according to Professor Adrian Davis of the British MRC Institute of Hearing Research. He estimates that the number of people suffering from hearing loss of more than 25 dB (the definition of hearing impairment recognised by the World Health Organisation) will exceed 700 million by 2015. Boots hearing care has also published advices on the cause of Hearing loss in these millions. Hearing loss can have a huge impact on the life of the sufferer, and their friends and family. The person with a hearing loss struggles particularly to hear well in situations where there are multiple speakers or lots of background noise. Because of their high frequencies often women’s and children’s voices seem especially unclear. The effort and frustration of trying to hear can prove too much and they begin to withdraw from social situations they would normally have enjoyed. Well mostly it’s simply due to age. As we get older the delicate hair cells in our ears get worn, and are unable to transfer sound as they used to. In fact over 50% of over 60’s in the UK today are living with a hearing loss. Perhaps there’s still a stigma attached to hearing loss, as an ailment of the old and the frail. Perhaps people still perceive hearing aids as big, beige behind the ear models that call attention to themselves. Perhaps people just don’t know where to turn for help. The good news is there’s a simple answer on your local high street - Boots hearingcare. Boots hearing care offers free testing and advice as a first step to anyone who has concerns about their hearing. And if a hearing loss is discovered their range of hearing aids includes models so far removed from the beige beauties of yesteryear you’d be amazed. They’re so small, sleek and discreet that no one need know you’re wearing one. The team helps people by letting them know if they need a hearing test. Considering the statistics concerning age related hearing loss, if you’re over 60 you should make hearing tests a part of your regular healthcare routine, just like an eye test or a trip to the dentist. Or if, at any age, you feel you may be experiencing hearing loss (you struggle to hear conversations clearly in crowded rooms, you’ve started turning the TV louder of late) then you should make an appointment as soon as you can. At Boots hearing care all hearing tests are offered free of charge. The centre recommends that hearing has to be checked every 2 years. Hearing tests are equally important if you already wear a hearing device as changes to your hearing loss can affect the efficiency of your current aid. More details can be found at the website