Bossard is a leading supplier of intelligent fastening solutions offering over 800,000 items, technical consulting, and inventory management all centered around increasing competitiveness for their partners. Bossard is a global network that is strategically located to best suite customers and their needs. For more than 185 years, Bossard has continued to drive innovation, productivity, and excellence to better support OEM manufacturers achieve success. In addition to a broad range of quality products, Bossard provides full engineering support for fastener applications and offers logistics services for fasteners and other C parts. Bossard is an international engineering and logistics services company that specializes in supplying you with the correct fasteners for your application in your products. Bossard’s employees encompass Proven Productivity in their work ensuring our customers receive the highest quality in their products and service. Bossard’s three tier concept: Product Solutions, Application Engineering and Customer Logistics provide you with comprehensive support everywhere and locally. Bossard’s goal is to help you reduce your hidden costs in fasteners and implement lean manufacturing to save you time and money.