Bret Doman

Google Business Photos is a new Pilot Program from Google. It is a product offered by Google only through their network of highly trained Google Trusted Photographers. Google Business Photos provides business owners with a Virtual Tour and ten to fifteen professional high resolution still photographs that showcase all the important aspects of a business location. The virtual tour and photos change the way a business appears across three important Google products: Google Search, Google Maps, and on the Business's Google Places Page. Business photos will not improve a business's ranking in Google Search, but it will add images which enhance the way the business appears in the search results. The added images and virtual tour draw more visual attention to that listing when it is among other search results that have not added Google Business Photos to their places pages. The new enhancements added to Google Search by Google Business Photos include windows that encourage users to take a look inside a business via the virtual tour, as well as a thumbnail of a still photo that links directly to the business owner's Google Places Page. Clicking on one of the virtual tour windows labeled "see inside" brings a user to a point inside or in front of the business from which they can walk around on a virtual tour by clicking arrows and dragging the screen for 360 degree views of the business interior.