Bricks + Agent

Bricks + Agent is an online software company that developed an online real estate platform meant to facilitate the communication process between property owners who are looking to sell or lease and real estate agents in their area. Our real estate platform offers high-quality services at very low prices. We created this platform out of a genuine need for these exact services, so we are certain that more people will also find themselves in our situation. Apart from the main real estate platform, Bricks + Agent also offer a wide range of useful tools such as a budget renovation tool, or a guide for property management. These tools have been incredibly successful, and we will continue to create new ones as long as our users will need them. The Bricks + Agent budget renovation tool teaches our users how to invest their renovation money in all the right places! Whether they are looking to sell or to stay for the long haul, they can always add serious value, regardless of their budget. By using our tool, vendors can discover many ways in which they can make their renovation money go the extra mile! Our property management guide offers our users essential insights directly from experienced real estate agents, property professionals, or personal finance guru., We make sure to always gather only the best resources, in order to create the Australian guide for homeowners meant to help them with their future financial planning.