BugHuntress QA Lab

The software testing company BugHuntress QA Lab is a leading Ukrainian QA/QC services provider. BugHuntress testers say "We test the future" and it is true - they are the first users of software and embedded systems which could become the IT mainstream for future years: mobile / wireless applications and gadgets, consumer electronics and equipment for transport or medicine, multimedia and cross-platform games, e-Commerce and ERP systems, social networks and Web 2.0 portals. So, what is BugHuntress QA Lab in brief? Founded: 2001. Results: 2007 was finished with 85% sales volume growth. Quality: High level of BugHuntress services is confirmed by long-term cooperation with the clients from the USA and the EU. Main services: - Automated and manual software testing; - Dedicated testing teams; - Independent verification and validation of software products; - Consulting in the field of testing methodology and test execution. Core domains: - Business (ERP, CRM); - Web 2.0 (e-Communities, e-Commerce); - Mobile, wireless, mobile internet systems; - System, security, antivirus applications; - Embedded hardware-software complexes. BugHuntress QA Lab performs automated and manual testing of functionality, usability, load, performance, localization, and other types of testing. BugHuntress QA Lab is a division of QArea Group (www.qarea.com).  References and further information available upon request:    Email: info@bughuntress.com    Tel.:  +38 057 760 2105    URL:  www.bughuntress.com