Byte Logic Systems

The loss by abduction or disappearance of a loved one can be tragic and although tools are available that help try and prevent loss and then track those that are lost or abducted, rarely are they successful in achieving their purpose. Our goals at Find My Fam by Byte Logic Systems, Inc have been none other than to create fool proof solutions to allow for the personal assurance of never having to go through one of these moments. For the last 7 months, our team has been in process of developing the next revolutionary tracking and safety device and recently we have been able to successfully run first round testing on the first ever discrete and effective gps shoelace, or as we call it the G Lace. - Waterproof gps/gsm device discreetly integrated into shoelace (patent pending) - Dial in to assigned number which will activate tracking of lace, audio will tell you, email and text you gps coordinates - Dial in and press key combination and you can hear ambient sounds around device - Device available in 9 different colors/variations (black, white, green, blue, pink, orange, yellow, camo, pink camo)