Capable Loans in a Corporate Financial Services platform that allows users to learn about and compare business loan rates. They help businesses to obtain financing from banks and institutional lenders. The Capable Loans team has substantial experience in syndication, structuring and processing, and have raised more than $32 million in financing for companies thus far. In a recently concluded deal, more than $1 million in funding was raised for a leading fashion e-commerce group, which provided for a solid financing bridge ahead of an upcoming IPO. They have noted that with Capable Loans, the cost of capital is far less than if they were to raise equity financing from venture capital investments. With Capable Loans, companies get in-principle approvals from at least one or more banks/institutions within 2 days, and we do not charge any fees if they are unable to raise any funds for the companies. In a nutshell, where companies are facing difficulties, or are unable to obtain financing from the banks or financial institutions, the Capable team steps in to troubleshoot and make the magic happen. For companies who are actually able to get some financing from the banks or institutional financiers, the Capable team is always able to obtain a significantly larger quantum. Our Value-Add 1. Speed: In-principle approvals within 1 - 3 days. 2. Convenience: With access to a wide network, they are able to systematically reach out to a whole range of financiers that are suitable for your business. 3. Effectiveness: Leverage on deep industry knowledge and strong relationships with bankers to successfully push your business loan request through. 4. Optimisation: They are constantly in-touch with the ever-changing policies and criteria held by lenders, and updated on all the latest available business financing solutions. This knowledge enables the Capable experts to get the best deal for your business. Lowest interest rates and highest quantum.