DaoChi Energy of Arizona

DaoChi Energy of Arizona is a division of Williamson Information Technologies Corp. that specializes in development, and promotion of green energy, biofuels and processes that create them. We have designed systems to extract biofuel from sewage using thermal depolymerization including upgrading to high energy density through differential distillation. More current projects involve gasification of sewage to produce electric power, and innovative systems for cultivation of algae for oil extraction using a compact footprint. We are also investigating open ocean harvesting of algae, and remediation of Harmful Algal Blooms, and Noxious Algal Blooms. Company founder and president, Stafford "Doc" Williamson, is a leading commentator in the biofuels field and has authored hundreds of columns over the past few years for the American Chronicle syndicate of over 20 web sites.