Debt Collection Agency

We are an independent and fully licensed Debt Recovery Agency, Investigations and Consultant Services company based in Sydney, Australia. Professionalism and integrity are core values of our business. Our mission to ensure is that every client who engages our debt recovery services, will achieve a decisively improved strategic and financial outcome. Is your business struggling with overdue debtors? Let us collect the debts for you. If the business or individual who owes you money disputes any part of the debt, we can also provide commercial dispute resolution services and help to negotiate an effective settlement with the debtor on your behalf. Our debt recovery service is approached from the angle of strengthening our clients businesses to remain profitable in a competitive business environment, where corporate intelligence, disciplined credit control and strategic debt recovery are among the key factors which come into play. This holistic approach sets us apart from many of our competitors, whose’ debt recovery process will often be volume call-centre based, and which results in businesses repeatedly needing to pay for assistance with recovering bad debt which could often have been avoided in the first place. We are licensed by the NSW Police Force’s Security Licencing & Enforcement Directorate to investigate persons and to take action to recover debts on behalf of our clients. The debt collection industry in NSW is highly regulated, and the ACCC and ASIC bear responsibility for enforcing Commonwealth laws relevant to debt collection. As a professional debt recovery agency, we operate within this legal and regulatory framework, and adhere to all the relevant debt recovery guidelines. Many businesses don’t appreciate the significant risk posed by slow paying and non-paying customers. Apart from the inherent frustrations and cash flow problems, bad debt may threaten the very existence of even the most established industry leaders. There is no ‘silver bullet’ formula to corporate debt recovery, nor is there a debt recovery process which guarantees you’ll never need to write off a bad debt. Fortunately however, there are a number of steps which every business can take in order to reduce and minimise the risk of bad debt. Get in touch via our website today! Dishonest and unscrupulous business operators may employ extraordinary methods in order to take advantage of credit providers, and in many cases these will have little or no intention to ever pay for the goods and services they’ve ordered. If you need advice on credit control or debt recovery, or need information on your new or existing customers to enable you to make informed decisions on whether or not to offer them credit, how much credit to offer, skip tracing (i.e. locating a debtor) or what steps to take to recover your overdue debts, don’t hesitate to contact us. As a licensed Debt Collection Agency we can also commence immediate recovery action to recover the debt on your behalf. Our debt recovery solutions are practical, affordable, and offer you the opportunity of ongoing success in recovering payments owed to you so that you can focus on servicing your paying customers and growing your business.