Dee Cohen

These days, life is stressful. The economy is struggling and many people are out of work. Those who are lucky enough to still be working are putting in more hours for lower pay. Many people are worried about their finances, their families, and their careers, and have no idea how to cope with it all. They don’t realize that help is available in the form of breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation. According to Dee Cohen, a licensed social worker, "With the economy being tough today, many people feel overwhelmed by finances on top of other life situations. Developing ways to keep one's equanimity is important." She offers at tips to apply in daily life in the context of work, school, driving, relationships and concrete situations. Let’s face it- many people are stressed out these days. Competent workers are unemployed and those who still have jobs are putting in more hours and making less money. Every day the news reminds us that our families are falling apart and that we seem to be facing one crisis after another. All of that stress often leads people to pick up bad habits- they eat too much, drink too much and snap at their kids and spouses, all while thinking that there must be a better way. Fortunately, there is a better way to manage the stress of everyday life. Many natural relaxation methods can help people to feel less stressed and rely less on their counterproductive habits. In these tough times people are taking up yoga and meditation, as well as practicing changing their perspectives to focus on the positive. Many people find that these methods enable them to face the pressures of life with more peace. Some employers are also getting into this trend. Using resources like, companies can place their logo on a booklet full of helpful stress-management techniques. These booklets can be used for marketing, customer service days, and employee appreciation campaigns. Many corporations find that the booklets are a gift or marketing tool than gifts that oversaturated today such as calendars, tote bags and pens. Dee states, ""When people develop skill to manage stress, negative emotions and addictive habits can be replaced with a different perspective." If you are interested in picking up tips to apply in daily situations or getting an educational tool to promote stress relief within your organization, check out for more information.