Diesel Models

London, England (January 29, 2010) - Diesel Models, an agency tailored to helping young, up-and-coming professional models to create a portfolio and receive professional advice, announce their intentions for 2010 and are looking to introduce those registered at Diesel Models to higher-end fashion clients. Diesel Models is a free service to sign up to for people looking to become aspiring industry models, and Diesel Models are busy outlining their goals for the year ahead. They are looking to push their clients, especially those in their teens and early twenties, into the higher end of the fashion market, with links to modelling agencies all over the United Kingdom. Diesel Models can help young models to construct an attractive portfolio and give them the confidence to approach a modelling agency themselves when freelance modelling. Diesel Models have links to over 200 modelling agencies across the UK and can help people find the right agency for them, offering tips and advice on how to break into the high-end fashion market. "It's the start of a new decade and the perfect time for new faces and personalities to grace the front covers of magazines and billboards," says the management of Diesel Models. "The main issue for the youth of today when they want to enter the modelling industry, however, is that they don't really know where to start or might not have the confidence in themselves and their portfolio. We can help such people at Diesel Models by offering them industry advice on how to approach an agency and giving them tips and tricks on how to construct an individual portfolio. Our aim is to help people get into the cream of the fashion agencies in the UK, and we can help when they sign up for free on our website." To find out more about Diesel Models and to register with their services, visit their website at http://dieselmodels.co.uk/. Alternatively, you can contact them by emailing info@dieselmodels.co.uk