Door Locks Plus

A doorknob from Door Locks Plus is backed by our years of experience providing door hardware to consumers, builders and architects who want quality products in every possible price range. But our expertise with the door knob is just the beginning. We offer lighting, kitchen and bath faucets, bath accessories, ceiling fans, and hinges all in matching finishes at terrific discount prices. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to answer questions regarding doorknob styles, door knob brands, accessories and keying, or to help you choose matching residential lighting, faucets and bath accessories from our WHOLE HOUSE collection. We feature the most popular national door knob brands including Schlage, Dexter by Schlage and Kwikset. We also offer a large selection of cost-effective alternative door knobs, levers, handlesets and deadbolts in a wide range of price, finish and style categories. Once you choose a doorknob and set a budget, we can provide a doorknob for one door or a door knob for every door in any residential or commercial project. Matching items from our WHOLE HOUSE collection and our unconditional guarantee are just icing on the cake! DOOR LOCKSPLUS also features a wide variety of door hardware accessories to match the finish on your door knobs, handles, levers and deadbolt locks. Choose from door stops, door holders, ball catches, kick plates, push plates, door pulls, door knockers, door viewers, mail slots, house numbers, door hinges, pocket door accessories and more.