EFT Los Angeles

Through the use of EFT, practitioner Jon Boyd Barrett has been helping people to free themselves from their emotional traumas - reducing the therapeutic process from months or years down to hours or minutes. Boyd Barrett has used EFT with his clients to eliminate phobias, quell addictions, relieve pain and reduce the sting of emotional traumas. With a success rate of over 80% , the huge majority of Jon’s clients leave their sessions with very positive and permanent results. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an emotional and needle-free version of acupuncture that works by tapping on meridian points to clear out imbalances in the energy field. It is quick and painless and with a very high success rate. According to Jon Boyd Barrett, “The process of psychology is changing. People are starting to realize that the anchor of a negative emotion is not the initial distressing memory or trauma that connects to it, but rather the energetic imbalance that was created when this particular trauma happened. EFT simply address the energetic imbalance. Once this has gone, there is no connection between a distressing memory and it’s negative emotion. The emotion ceases to be without it’s energetic counterpart.” Jon Boyd Barret practices EFT out of his new office in Beverly Hills. Appointments can be made by visiting his website http://www.eftinlosangeles.com, or by calling 310-869-0093