ExtremeBeam was Founded as a manufacturer in late 2005 ExtremeBeam was brought into existence as its own brand by its founders and Board members who both manufactured independent products for professional and military applications and provided military training for those who use them. ExtremeBeam's product research development team members include individuals with military and police agency experience world-wide. This is why ExtremeBeam enjoys saying; "Built by Military and Law-Enforcement Personnel, For Military and Law-Enforcement Personnel. With a heavy emphasis on Durability and Super High-Output, ExtremeBeam now runs among the most durable and most powerful line of tactical lights ever produced in the history of military tactical lighting. ExtremeBeam's founders built the company with the goal and focus of utilizing its proceeds to help the charitable causes its founders have been working with for nearly 40 Years while providing superior equipment which its customers can depend upon. Their focus on genuine quality and loving care of and for the end-user, is unlike any other lighting company in the world, and reflects itself in both the way they require their employees to conduct business, and the pure simplistically-tough yet beautiful way they design every product ExtremeBeam manufactures. EtremeBeam, "A Shinning Light in the Face Of Darkness!"