Focus Express Mail Pharmacy

The caring service begins with a philosophy spanning over 100 combined years of pharmacy experience, plus over 50 years of specialized service to people with diabetes. We feel we can make a difference to people with diabetes and other chronic medical conditions who need medications and medical supplies. We offer a service that takes the bill paying pressure off those who have medication needs for diabetes, respiratory problems, hypertension, heart problems, high cholesterol, organ transplants, circulation disease, arthritis, cancer, infertility, dermatological problems as well as all the supplies for diabetes care, including: insulin pumps and supplies, all glucose meters, strips and more. Our customer service and pharmacy staff are friendly, knowledgeable and second to none in the industry. They strive to get your prescriptions filled and shipped the same day. YOU determine whether to use a name brand product or generic. We take the worry of payment away from you and places it in the hands of your insurance provider. We will accept your insurance company's payment in full in most cases leaving you no financial obligation. You will only receive your needed medications...Never a bill. This program is ideal for those with all chronic medication needs.