Glenn Bill -- The ABC's of Attitude -

Glenn Bill is a serial entrepreneur and ravenous learner of attitude and self-improvement. He began his career as a REALTOR and Asst. H.S. Football Coach. He was aligned with extraordinary people who helped raise him to high levels of success in both arenas, and he is extremely thankful and humbled by their impact on his life, studies and attitude. Shortly after the start of his sales career, he purchased a franchise business and, together with two partners, grew it into one of the largest franchises in the world. He continued to coach during this expansion as well as sell to his large network. Glenn’s attitude and passion carried him thru these very busy years, while he was juggling three careers at once! However, his most important accomplishment and greatest source of inspiration for his attitude and passion is the fulfilling life he has created with his childhood sweetheart and wife and their four children. They are the WHY behind his drive, success and fulfillment. After seventeen years as a Broker/Owner, Glenn sold his real estate brokerage business and began to educate, train and inspire others using the techniques, insights and effort he learned from his mentors. He derived his content for his first two programs from the seventeen years of sales meetings he produced for his rapidly growing companies. One is primarily a real estate sales training program called Source of Sales (How To Sales Training for REALTORS) and the other is a program called Stretch (Personal Development Program for Salespeople) Glenn’s latest endeavor is the University of Attitude. His goal: to change the world one attitude at a time. He is the author of The ABC’s of ATTITUDE- Your Secret formula to Get ATTITUDE. He speaks nationally to audiences that thirst for increased production, profitability and morale for their team or company. Visit to learn more about Glenn and the University of Attitude.