Global Casino Staff

Our team is a group of fun loving multi-lingual travelers with experience in the casino/gaming industry along with a solid mix of HR and IT. The great thing about casino jobs is that they can be done almost anywhere in the world. The problem is finding the jobs that will help you grow your career. This is hard enough in the country you are in, never mind if you want to move to a different one. One thing we have found repeatedly is that networking and making friends is everything. Right now, the way people network is through social media. Because of the digital world we live in people do not seem to take the time to give face time anymore. Nothing is better than getting to talk to someone face to face especially when it involves a new job. We are looking to bridge that gap with one of our awesome services, video interviewing. The head of our HR team is a globally certified HR professional with more than 7 years recruiting experience with some fortune 100 companies as well as helping some tiny acorn startups. We know how much recruiting has changed over the last 10 years. Instead of sandwich boards, almost everything is done online. Social media is now integrated into recruiting, we meet that challenge head on by having our own LinkedIn casino group, and we will be expanding in other areas over time. We are here to bring you the best casino jobs available anywhere in the world!