IMMLA (International MultiModal Logistic Application) is the first multimodal logistics service with a decentralised system of transportation, document workflow and payments. The mission of IMMLA project is a simple, clear and convenient interaction between the owner of cargo and the transporter on all stages of the freight transport. Furthermore, it aims to do so through the use of blockchain technology and smart-contracts, which would be used in the process of transportation and would completely eliminate trust deficit, information barriers and legal costs. It brings the development of logistics technology to a whole new level as well as it means complete security and confidentiality throughout the whole supply chain. IMMLA is created by the consortium of international leaders in logistics. Those are Formag (subsidiary of Global Transport Investment), SBSolutions – the developer of top ERP solutions, and a giant leading logistics expert Hellman Worldwide Logistics. Although modern logistic market is IT-intensive, it is blinkered and misspendly clustered by information barriers. This usually leads to low volumes and high prices. Recent estimate indicates that just under 80% of companies perform inefficient. The rough setting of perfect competition implies that logistic market could have been 5 times bigger without this losses. We are developing a multimodal deliveries service with decentralized control system for transportation, document flow and payments. We employ Dutch auction of carriers, GPS-cargo monitoring, cargo damage in transit and delivery time monitoring, insurance and credit activities to offer you the best possible prices. The blockchain technology eliminates the risk of unfair business practices and/or non-performance of the contract. We are positive that the spread of high-speed Internet on the transport routes, and the use of blockchain technology have reached the optimum level for IMMLA to be successfully launched.