Jack William

Kingston, UK, March 25, 2010. Simoney has just launched its latest range of badges that can be used both for personal and professional purposes. Badges are available in all sorts of prices like costly high end designer badges for special occasions and cheap badges that can be used everyday. To produce high quality badges state of the art manufacturing technologies are used. Different materials and colors are used to make each badge unique and attractive. Client can also design their own unique badge or customize an existing badge by using a free design service that is offered by Simoney badges. This will give a personal touch to your badges, especially if you are giving them as a gift. Almost all types of badges can be customized by using this service. Some of the badges offered by Simoney are button badges, pin badges, name badges and enamel badges. About Simoney Badges Ltd Simoney badges Ltd. offers high end quality badges as well as low cost badges for both personal and professional uses. Design and manufacturing process is cutting edge to make sure environmental impact of production is kept at the minimum. For more information you can contact- Simoney badges Ltd. 6 Kingmill Business Park Chapel Mill Road Kingston upon Thames KT1 3GZ Email- sales@simoney.co.uk Telephone-020 8547 0011