Kinlo knows it is a fresh start and a wonderful inspirational time, when new curtains are hung in your home or office. Kinlo is focused a on high-grade curtain fabrics as well as shower curtains and other household products. Kinlo is a famous international brand in home industry , which is the first to promote the soft home decoration design. Due to its professional curtain design, superb quality, Kinlo has won many people’s custom and favor. Our curtains are created to inspire your imagination, but we are always humble and receptive to your feedback to our design team. Your ideas will help our team to design the next generation of curtains. “Always make the best curtain.” is the Kinlo motto. We know that the best curtain can make your home beautiful. Kinlo continues to evolve. We added our design studio in February 2015 with an increased emphasis on craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Today, we focus heavily on three areas: transforming our designs, giving back to our planet and global community, and offering the best service. From our design floor in the silk and cloth city of Shenzhen to our stores around the world, our end-goal remains the same: To help our customers live a more functional, beautiful and comfortable life. Kinlo Company history: In February 2008, Kinlo started as a cooperation between three men in Zhejiang province. In June of 2010 they decided to make a textile business. There are many textiles in Zhejiang province, so this was natural. More hard work followed, centering on investment accumulation and business networking. By March 2011, the three men were now businessmen with a registered textile wholesale company. In February 2014, they made a big decision about the direction of their company. To improve product quality control and reduce costs, they purchased the most advanced machinery. They went truly independent by adding their own design team to design the Kinlo curtain. Gradually since then more and more people love their curtains. In March 2015, they created the brand “Kinlo” and began to export abroad.