Kleeen Software

With the proliferation of consumer technologies, enterprise customers now expect similar experiences in the products they use. UI has become a differentiating value proposition in the enterprise world too. However, the costs of producing high-quality UI haven risen dramatically due to a dearth of talent and outsourcing options have not helped. Despite higher spending, development cycles are lengthening, without improvement in UI quality or product success. Kleeen Software is building a SaaS application that uses data science (AI, ML and NLP) to translate a user’s goals into an actual enterprise-grade UI design and implementation. Kleeen Software converts design constraints into unique UI layouts and flows using predictive models, not templates. Generated designs can then be exported directly into Sketch (or similar tools) to facilitate collaboration and converted directly into production code. Kleeen Software is a solution sold to UI engineers but embraced by UI designers. It eliminates the onerous aspects of UI creation, and enables UI teams to jointly focus their creativity and efforts on the differentiating aspects of their products.