Kurt Svendheim Pattaya

Kurt Svendheim of Pattaya is a Norwegian entrepreneur, businessman and visionary. At the age of 20, Mr. Svendheim bought a mountain resort in Suldal, Norway. Kurt Svendheim ran the lodge together with his family for a total of eight years, before continuing on to the world of real estate and commerce for some of Norway’s biggest firms. In his early 30s, Kurt Svendheim started to focus on international real estate establishing his own agencies in booming markets in Bulgaria, Turkey, and Brazil. In 2008, Kurt Svendheim moved to Thailand. Together with a team of Thai investors and owners, Kurt built up several management and service companies with expertise in all areas of the tourism sector, from project development companies to travel agencies. Kurt Svendheim in Pattaya has today a total of five brands under his management established across Norway, Pattaya, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and India.