Medical Therapeutics

Medical marijuana, additionally referred to as clinical cannabis, is developing in recognition as an advantageous alternative for treating more than a few clinical conditions. It can enhance your first-rate of lifestyles and decrease the severity of your symptoms. Medical Marijuana is RECOMMENDED for the following: AILMENTS ELIGIBLE FOR CERTIFICATION 1.ALS 2.Anxiety 3.Autism 4.Cancer 5.Crohn's Disease 6.Nerve damage / Neuropathy 7.Movement Disorders 8.Epilepsy 9.Glaucoma 10.HIV / AIDS 11.Huntington's Disease 12.IBD 13.Intractable Seizures 14.MS (Multiple Sclerosis) 15.Neurodegenerative Disease 16.Neuropathy 17.Opioid Use Disorder 18.Parkinson's Disease 19.PTSD 20.Chronic Pain 21.Sickle Cell Anemia 22.Terminal Illness 23.Severe, chronic or overwhelming Pain 24.Migraines