Meridian Ice Creams

Meridian Ice Creams - The Real Indian Test Our ice-creams are dairy made, not frozen dessert. We are committed to make best quality product made from real milk and milk fats rather than using vegetable oil. Be it hygiene or purity or richness or freshness, we never compromise and this steadfast commitment positions us distinctly among our competitors. Counted among the most admired ice-cream brands in Pune, Meridian Ice-creams provides the largest range of products – Cones, Bars, Kulfi, Casatta, Sundae and Bulk packs – available in variety of flavours. Along with regular rich ice-creams, health conscious customers also relish our No Sugar Added and Natural Fresh offerings. These ice-creams are 100% free from artificial flavours, chemical colours etc. and are low in calorie yet high in nutritional value. We have expertise in making premium Indian flavours like Sitafal, Tender Coconut, Real Alphonso, Chikoo, Litchi etc. We do offer delicious freshly prepared sundaes adorned with fresh cream, caramel topping, fresh fruits and nuts as and when desired.