Mike Garcia

As a young boy, EnviroscapeLA Founder Mike Garcia developed a fascination with nature which guided him to graduate college in the field of Environmental Horticulture.  After his formal education, Mike went on to found EnviroscapeLA, a sustainable landscape construction firm specializing in green solutions in the landscape and building Japanese Koi ponds.  EnviroscapeLA's work has been featured in numerous magazines and television shows and has been the recipient of local, state, national and international awards.  One of the benefits of a peaceful and serene landscape and Japanese Koi pond is the peace and tranquility these exude to the soul.  Many with health challenges have found that can be labeled "Healing Gardens".  It was this aspect which prompted Mike Garcia to pursue creating the environments and circumstances which can result in a healing environment.  A healing environment helps us when we face the stresses of life and especially when our health is not optimal.  The healing garden is part of a program to help us find our way to wholeness.  The other part of the equation is a great diet loaded with foods rich in high-antioxidants.  This is what led Mike to discover Xocai Healthy Chocolate.  As the world's first healthy chocolate and the world's proven highest anti-oxidant food, Xocai is the leader in green and socially responsible practices, such as the exclusion of harmful GMO's and 100% ethically traded cacao purchased from small, family-owned and operated farms on Ivory Coast.  With Xocai, Sustainability has successfully teamed up with great taste and Health.