Are you looking for different brands of MEP products? You might have search each differently. That could be time consuming. Do you require a website where you find different European and Australian brands of MEP products? Bin Moosa & Daly is renowned for its sound business practices (with ISO accreditation), customer orientated approach and as a “one stop shop” for leading European and Australian brands of MEP products. Our experienced Engineers provide accurate solutions, backed by dedicated, reliable Service and Logistics Teams. The Company was established in 1967 by Michael F. Daly to service the emerging Abu Dhabi construction market. Soon afterwards Sayyah M. Moosa Al Qubeisi became his Partner and the strong foundations of Bin Moosa & Daly were laid. Together, they ensure that Customers are delivered the right product with the right quality at the right time. Our slogan “every drop counts” signifies our drive towards conservation of resources. Spearheaded by our Managing Director, Michael P. Daly, we have launched the “moosa-daly” brand and made many innovations. The company is now poised for sharp growth with its dynamic teams located strategically throughout the UAE.