My Favorite Web Designs

My Favorite Web Designs is a Gilbert Arizona web design and search engine optimization company that has its roots in Arizona and does all work locally with no outsourcing. For over six years Joshua Jacoby and his team have been helping small businesses with their online presence including search engine optimization, social media management, website design and website management, hosting and many other services related to expanding your web presence. If you are looking for a company that is expert in design as well as the technical aspects of marketing, then My Favorite Web Designs is a great fit for you. We can help clients set up their social media including their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google plus, twitter, YouTube and many other social channels that help you reach clients where they are active. We consult with clients to help them identify their key demographics and where that demographic is most active online. A great example is a client of ours that wants to target one in 35 to 55 under the assumption that that will be his key purchasing demographic. As a marketing company, we know that Pinterest is one of the primary places that people in that group are active, and we have helped this client expand his sales by creating an active and thriving community on Pinterest and Facebook that keys in on the customers he wants to be talking to. Of course, this is all in addition to the optimization activities that we have performed for this client. We execute strategies for link building, content creation, and user interface improvements that lead to better rankings on search engines. If you need for people to find you when they are searching for the keywords related to your services and products then you will want to employ a professional Seo company that has the technical skill and follow-through to execute an advanced link building and content strategy. It is not enough to simply be posting to social media or to simply be writing blogs. There needs to be a coordinated strategy for content and a vision for how it will integrate with the social media on which you are active.