National Drug Prevention Association

Born 1993, NDPA has developed into one of the most authoritative voices in the field of drug prevention. Membership embraces all disciplines in the field, and is widely based in society at large, imparting balance and strength to NDPA’s work. There is a clear understanding of why drug misuse happens and - more importantly - why it need not happen. In 1996 the value of NDPA was recognised by a three-year grant from National Lottery Charities Board, allowing operations to be consolidated. At national level NDPA has contributed to significant effect in both the current strategy (Build a Better Britain) and its predecessor (Tackling Drugs Together), also the BMA (medical uses of cannabis), the Lords (cannabis for medical or social use) and the Police Foundation (review of Misuse of Drugs Act 1971). NDPA members present papers at regional, national and international conferences, the latter as part of an enviable international network. Meanwhile input to Drug Advisory Teams (DAT) and Drug Reference Groups (DRG) is soundly based in NDPA’s grass roots project work - home, school, community, sports centre, workplace, church/mosque/temple - anywhere that help is needed.