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December 7, 2011, Costa Mesa, California: There is good news for the people of Costa Mesa, CA from New Image Dentistry & Implants. The dental care facility shares they are now offering a one-hour teeth whitening service called Zoom! Advanced Teeth Whitening for the people of Costa Mesa. According to them, this is a safer and faster way to get teeth whitening in Costa Mesa. On the website of the <a href=""></a>, Dr. Inna Bosh shared about Teeth Whitening that “Bright smiles lighten up a gloomy room. New Image Dentistry & Implants is committed to give our patients those bright smiles they deserve with the latest dental advancements and cosmetic dental procedures.” With this in mind they have dedicated team members of Teeth Whitening Dentist in Costa Mesa CA who are working towards educating the patients and the people at the same time. The website of has a page dedicated to educating the patients about various dental services. Among the many positive testimonials New Image Dentistry and Implants received, Mike G says “I was very apprehensive about coming to the dentist since I don’t have dental insurance and knew I was going to be spending more than I can afford. But I was surprised and relieved to have the staff and doctor go out of their way to make my treatment affordable. If it wasn’t for Dr. Bosh and her staff I think I wouldn’t come back to a dentist again if necessary. Yet now I am glad to come in for my bi-yearly cleanings.” Different Products by Teeth Whitening Dentist in Costa Mesa, CA The team of <a href="">teeth whitening dentists in Costa Mesa</a> CA along with Dr. Inna Bosh is continuously working towards improving the method of teeth whitening. They have two products by the teeth whitening dentists in Costa Mesa, CA namely Zoom! Advanced Teeth Whitening. With Zoom!, outpatients have the chance to have an hour session of teeth whitening. The other product offered by is a home kit for teeth whitening. Patients can take it home and apply over the teeth during night for seven to ten days on a regular basis. Within 7 days, patients will notice a difference in the color of your teeth. The product is safe to use and has peppermint flavor to it. It has been specifically designed by teeth whitening dentists for the people of Costa Mesa. About New Image Dentistry & Implants: <a href="">New Image Dentistry and Implants</a> is committed to providing the highest quality surgical, cosmetic, restorative and prosthetic appliances available. The products and techniques we utilize are constantly held up to the highest standards with leading techniques and products utilized on a daily basis. This is accomplished by an experienced doctor, Dr. Inna Bosh, DDS and her dental team that are highly credentialed in the field of dentistry. Contact: New Image Dentistry & Implants Address: 660 Baker Street, Suite 117, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Phone: (714)-540-8000 Fax: (714)-540-8008 E-mail: Website: