Owtsar Technologies Pvt Ltd

We commenced business in Chennai in 2000 as ETI India. Our areas of specialization are Software Design & Development Softwares: We have developed the following applications 1. eOffice-suite an integrated suite of a variety of office functionalities well suited for any large, medium or small organization. 2. Devdoot an integrated solution for BMS, Security & Safety systems 3. eRahab voice logging and call management system 4. eAudiosuite transcription tool for voice recordings 5. eMedRapha Medical Records Management application 6. SMS Order Processing: An order processing system,where clients can order through SMS (GSM) or web interface. 7. Anti Piracy Software: a unique key-generation system to prevent software piracy and unauthorized duplication Milestones: 1. 2003 we obtained MSC status in Malaysia as JM Intech Sdn Bhd 2. 2005 we started our operations in the US as Owtsar, based in Atlanta, Ga 3. 2006 we became Owtsar Technologies Pvt Ltd