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Alonso Perez Discusses Homeowners Insurance Basics

LogoThere are important distinctions between coverage homeowners should be familiar with. Should water enter a home, there is a possibility a standard policy may not cover water damages as that typically requires having flood insurance. However, if a scenario occurs such as a tree falling onto the roof hard enough that it allows rain to come into the home, it is possible that damage would be covered under a standard policy. Homeowners may also wish to consider the amount of coverage they require and how low of a deductible they can manage if an emergency were to happen.

Check the Insurance Policy for Sufficient Coverage

LogoHomeowners should make some time to look over the limits of their insurance policy. The payout limit on a standard policy may not be enough to cover rebuilding and replacing the contents. This is a common occurrence when homeowners remodel or make significant home upgrades but forget to re-evaluate their policy to make sure these new upgrades are also covered.

IT's Hurricane Season, Check the Policy Coverage

LogoHomeowners should know that just because their home is insured, it doesn't necessarily mean the home is covered in full. Homeowners should carefully examine their policy terms as it may only cover interior damage or exterior damage. Supplemental policies may also be worth considering as it can cover storm damage, spoiled food, and storm surge. These policies can help out tremendously as they may cover situations that sometimes go unconsidered.

Hurricane Season Is Soon to Begin

LogoThe homeowner's insurance policy that most Floridians have typically does provide coverage for a flood, and that also extends to insurance for businesses and renters. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation once reported that nearly a million property owners filed claims related to losses caused by last year's Hurricane Irma, resulting in billions of dollars worth of damage.

Affordable Solutions for Hurricane Damage Protection

LogoAn easy and affordable solution to reduce the odds of damaged electronics is investing in surge protectors which provide usefulness no matter what time of the year it is. South Florida is known for its random thunderstorms and they can wreak havoc at any time. Homeowners may also wish to consider protecting their air conditioning unit.

Alonso Perez Encourages Homeowners to Be Proactive

LogoOne of the most important things to have during a major storm or hurricane is a disaster supply kit. This kit should include essential items in case of an emergency and there should be enough supplies to last at least a week or so as power outages can last for several days following a storm. The kit should have items such as nonperishable food items, at least a gallon of water per person per day, batteries and flashlights, first aid supplies, and also pet essentials if the homeowner has any.

Alonso Perez Can Help with Hurricane Insurance Claims

LogoAlonso Perez understands insurance companies may delay a claim and the hassles involved when trying to receive the money to make repairs. Clients needing assistance with their claims should contact the firm. Alonso Perez represents South Florida homeowners and business owners in first-party insurance disputes including those related to the damage caused by last year's devastating Hurricane Irma.

Alonso Perez Law Is Ready to Assist with Insurance Claims

LogoLast year, Hurricane Irma passed through Florida, leaving billions of dollars in damage behind. There are still cases of homeowners attempting to work with their insurance provider to try and get the money they need to repair the damage caused by the storm.

Alonso Perez Is Ready to Help with 2018 Insurance Claims

LogoHurricane Irma left Florida with billions of dollars worth of damage and many homeowners are still going back and forth with their homeowner's insurance provider trying to get the money they need to help them take care of expensive repairs.

Insurance Litigation Services Provided by Alonso Perez LLP

LogoAlonso Perez LLP's insurance litigation services are intended to represent homeowners and business owners across South Florida in first-party insurance disputes. The firm handles property insurance claims such as arson, vandalism, plumbing leaks, and more recently, the extensive damage caused by major storms like this year's Hurricane Irma.