The Quick and Easy Way to Compare, Update and Manage Environmental Standards for Data Professionals

Organizations with an installation of ESdat environmental data management software can manage ChemCodes and Environmental Standards by using the lists published on the ESdat website. As new ChemCodes are added to the Standard List (e.g. PFAS) Power Users needed to add these and any related Environmental Standards to their system.

Baby Blog Releases Its New Buyer's Guide on the Best Car Seat Travel Bags in the Market

Baby Blog has released its new buyer’s guide on some of the best car seat travel bags in the market.

Magoshare Releases Powerful Mac Data Recovery Software 3.5

Magoshare Software, the reliable Mac data recovery and disk utility software developer, announces the release of Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac 3.5. Magoshare team greatly improves the data recovery quality of this powerful Mac data recovery software. Now, it can recover much more lost files from hard disk drive or external storage device.

Land Data That Is Rich and Deep

USLandGrid recently updated their national land grid product. Their Texas land data includes abstracts, major surveys, minor surveys, sections, blocks, subdivisions, lots, tracts, Gulf of Mexico and boundaries. All the other states include sections, townships, lots, quartersand boundaries.

Raffuel Surety Study Finds Band Aids Won't Fix Damage Left by Carillion

Carillion became the largest corporate liquidation in UK history. A year later, the collateral damage continues with stalled public projects dragging on while 'Mom & Pop' vendors and subcontractors face insolvency, unable to collect monies due. Surety was designed to protect these folk, taxpayers and contractors alike. The head scratching question remains - why didn't the UK government use it?

New Research Suggests That Black Carrots Could Reduce the Risk of Neurological Diseases Including Alzheimer's

Evidence from new research suggests that eating black carrots on a regular basis could have positive benefits in reducing the risk of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

GoGoFlorist Offer Valentine Flowers for Thai Website Owners

A Thai based flower delivery service GoGoFlorist is looking to promote their flower delivery service in Thailand through partner blogs and social media influencers. They are offering to deliver a free flower bouquet to the loved ones of Thailand based influencers and Thailand related blog and website owners. These publishers can choose a flower arrangement of up to 4000 baht in value. There are many types of flowers available for delivery including roses, carnations, lilies, gerbera and carnations. These flowers will be hand delivered by their agents. GoGoFlorist have agents in all cities and towns in Thailand who can deliver the flowers professionally by hand (not by courier). In exchange they simply ask for an honest online review of their service.

Chatterbox Labs Awarded New Artificial Intelligence Patent

Chatterbox Labs are pleased to announce that we have successfully been awarded a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

Basset Hound Breeders Publishes New Website to Offer Relevant Information to Basset Hound Owners has announced the launch of a brand new website that provides informative and relevant content for basset hound owners. The website is dedicated to giving people who own or are interested in owning a basset hound all the information they need to make the experience as fulfilling as possible. has also noted that the information on the site will be offered without any charges. Renting out New Properties in the Myrtle Beach Area, a leading holiday rental property provider in South Carolina, has revealed that new properties for rent are now available around the Myrtle Beach area. The real estate firm notes that listings for these rentals are on its website and interested holidaymakers can view them anytime. The company believes that the rentals will meet the needs of most people but has also maintained that it's ready to help anyone find what they are looking for.