Career in Art and Design-Top 5 Art and Design Careers

These days many universities and colleges are offering art and design courses and helping students improve their creative skills through a ‘hands on’ approach using different materials. Learn here more about some of the top art and design fields that can help you earn a decent salary and excellent career growth.

Art and Design Career-top 10 Art and Design Scholarships

Art scholarships can help you get the education you need to get your foot in the door of this rewarding career. The burgeoning contemporary art fields are filled with opportunities for design scholarships as well, and the future job outlook is good.

Career in Art & Design-Tools and Programs Used for Fine Art Majors

There are many tools used by fine arts majors as they finish their certificate, associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degrees. The programs and tools used by fine art majors really depend on the type of fine arts that one is going into.

Architect Jobs and Architect Careers

Careers in architecture are involved with the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures. New buildings are going up all the time and we still marvel at the great buildings of the past that have withstood the test of time all over the world.

Art and Design Education-Top Ten Careers in Art and Design

Attempting to narrow down the top ten art careers can be difficult, and some people might say it’s impossible, especially when you also consider careers in various design fields.

The Cost of Art and Design School

One of the most important things for any budding art student to consider is the cost of art and design school. Although there are many other factors to consider as you delve into the art school admissions process, the cost is obviously one factor that cannot be ignored. Launches Resource Center for Top Arts & Design Degree Programs and Schools in United States and Canada, one of the leading online art and design education resources in United States and Canada, today announced the launch of the new online Resource Center. The launch of new online Resource Center is an effort by the site to act as the most comprehensive information portal for students who are looking to make career in different fields of art and design. The main objective of an introduction of Resource Center in the site is to provide the easily accessible online platform for students who are less aware of or generally face difficulties in finding the information regarding the top art and design programs and schools available in United States and Canada.