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Skilled Las Vegas Business Lawyer Daniel J. Potucek Is an Ethically Certified Attorney Guide Family Member

LogoLas Vegas Business lawyer Daniel J. Potucek has recently undergone the Attorney Guide ethical certification process. Daniel J. Potucek has been rated as fully ethical and has been certified by Attorney Guide. Daniel has joined the ranks of other Attorney Guide legal family members in the Attorney Guide search feature.

Las Vegas Family Lawyer John Cereso Is a New Addition to the Attorney Guide Legal Family

LogoSkilled Las Vegas family lawyer John Cereso has been fully ethically certified and is now an official member of the Attorney Guide legal family. John Cereso has been uploaded to the Attorney Guide database of easily searchable legal talent from Nevada. John has extensive experience in providing a wide range of family law services to Las Vegas, and Henderson, residents. John is a practicing member of the Nevada Law Group in Las Vegas and offers legal advice and counsel for divorce law, custody law, domestic partnerships, adoption and guardianships as well as pre and post-nuptial agreements. As a member of the Attorney Guide family, John Cereso has passed all of the extensive vetting requirements to earn the Attorney Guide ethical certification. This process ensures that all Attorney Guide family members have lived up to strict ethical standards, as well as ensuring experience and clients who have voiced approval with his legal counsel.

Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer Craig W. Drummond Is Now an Attorney Guide Family Member

LogoLas Vegas Criminal Lawyer Craig W. Drummond provides experienced DUI defenses as well as a comprehensive approach to personal injury and accident law. Attorney Guide has recently announced that Craig W. Drummond, of the Drummond Firm PC, has been thoroughly vetted and has been certified as completely ethical. Craig is now available on the Attorney Guide searchable registry of talented Nevada legal aid. Craig W. Drummond brings experience as a Federal Military Prosecutor in the Army JAG Corps before moving onto his own Nevada practice as a Las Vegas criminal lawyer. Craig W. Drummond received his undergrad and law degrees from Drake University, and is licensed to serve in Nevada, Missouri and Federal court. Craig has the distinction of being licensed for any U.S. Military court worldwide.

Reno Bankruptcy Lawyer J. Craig Demetras Has Joined the Attorney Guide Legal Family

LogoReno Bankruptcy lawyer J. Craig Demetras has finished the intensive ethical certification process of Attorney Guide and is now a fully member of the Attorney Guide legal family. Membership in the Attorney Guide legal family means J. Craig Demetras is now available via the Attorney Guide search engine. The search engine is available to connect anyone in need of legal representation in Nevada with a qualified, ethical attorney who suits their immediate needs. J. Craig Demetras is an experienced Reno bankruptcy lawyer and second generation Nevada lawyer. He has been practicing law in Nevada since 1991 and specializes in corporate business and bankruptcy law. Before establishing his own firm, J. Craig Demetras served as a law clerk in the Federal Bankruptcy Court for five full years. As a Reno Bankruptcy lawyer, Mr. Demetras lends intense knowledge of the legalities of Nevada bankruptcy to clients in need.

Reno Personal Injury Lawyer G. David Robinson Has Joined the Attorney Guide Legal Family

LogoReno personal injury lawyer G. David Robinson has recently become fully ethically certified and has been accepted into the Attorney Guide family of ethical lawyers. G. David Robertson is a founding lawyer and senior partner at Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson. Mr. Robinson focuses on personal injury cases and offers his extensive legal knowledge to Reno area residents with personal injury claims. G David Robinson strongly believes in offering help to injured individuals. He also represents several established businesses, like Nevada Bell, Sierra Pacific Power Company, Squaw Valley Ski Corporation and KOLO TV.

Attorney Guide Helps Clients Find a Lawyer with an Ethical Legal Approach.

LogoAttorney Guide strives to help Nevada clients find a lawyer who can offer expertise, as well as an ethical approach to the law. Nevada has a wide range of legal experts, with a wide range of legal areas and approaches. Attorney Guide works to vet each and every one of their ethically certified attorneys by communicating directly with their affiliated bar associations. Attorney Guide then sorts the best in Nevada legal representation, both by area and by legal expertise so that potential clients can find an appropriate lawyer in their area. This vetting and the searchable registry on the Attorney Guide website work together to provide anyone in who needs a Nevada attorney find a lawyer to get the legal help they need.

Reno Family Lawyer Rodney E. Sumpter Is an Ethically Certified Member of the Attorney Guide Family

LogoReno family lawyer Rodney E. Sumpter has been fully ethically certified and is now an Attorney Guide member in full standing. Rodney has practiced family law for Reno area residents for over 30 years. After receiving his Juris Doctor in 1980, Mr. Sumpter passed the Nevada state bar and was admitted to practice law in all State of Nevada courts. Rodney E. Sumpter has been a sole practitioner since 1986 at his Reno practice. In addition to the legal services and council that he provides Reno families, Mr. Sumpter has been the speaker at various programs that educate attorneys on the areas of family law, child custody and debt collection. Rodney E. Sumpter is a long time Nevada resident; initially Mr. Sumpter received his first degree from the University of Nevada-Reno. As a family lawyer, Mr. Sumpter works to maintain as close a relationship with his clients. This allows him to understand their legal needs and requirements.

Reno Entertainment Lawyer Joey Gilbert Is Now an Ethically Certified Attorney Guide Attorney

LogoReno entertainment lawyer Joey Gilbert has been fully ethically certified and has been added to the family of searchable lawyers on the Attorney Guide searchable registry. Joey Gilbert, of Joey Gilbert and Associates, has practiced immigration law for Reno residents since passing the Nevada bar exam in 2004. Joey is an experienced entertainment and sports lawyer as well as a civil and criminal attorney. In addition to his career in law, Joey is known as a champion boxer in Nevada. In 2004, Joey was featured on “The Contender” alongside numerous celebrities and has been ranked as high as #3 in the World Boxing Organization. Joey Gilbert offers unique legal insights to Reno athletes and celebrities due to his personal history and understanding of competitive sports and sports entertainment, legally and practically.

Reno Environmental Attorney Kirk C. Johnson Is Now an Ethically Certified Member of Attorney Guide.

LogoReno environmental attorney Kirk C. Johnson has been ethically certified and is now an official member of the Attorney Guide legal family. Kirk C. Johnson maintains an extensive knowledge of all aspects of civil litigation in Nevada. With the firm of Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson Kirk works on a diverse array of legal matters, often involving legalities like environmental impact and protections. As a member of Attorney Guide Kirk is fully ethically certified and guaranteed to have no negative ethical judgments or disciplinary actions over an extensive legal career.

Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyer Muriel D. Gund Is Now Attorney Guide Ethically Certified

LogoThe Attorney Guide family has grown one attorney larger with the addition of Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyer Muriel D. Gund. Muriel has completed the ethical certification process and has been added to the registry of Attorney Guide searchable lawyers. Muriel D. Gund has extensive experience in Nevada and Las Vegas based bankruptcy law and represents the ethical qualities expected in an Attorney Guide lawyer.