Easy Tips for College Students on Keeping Bed Bug Free

LogoAs prepared as a college student might be, most never consider bed bugs as part of college life. A recent survey conducted by the NPMA found that 47% of bed bug exterminators reported frequent exterminations at colleges and universities.

The Dos and Donts of Hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator

LogoA recent job brought to topic that many folks get scammed when hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator. Recently our project manager arrived at a job to spec a prep job and found an unlicensed exterminator spraying only the top of a mattress that had infested an entire apartment.

6 Easy Travel Tips to Keep Yourself Bed Bug Free

LogoTraveling at any time of year can cause exposure to bed bugs, but the increase in summer travel can amplify incidences of infections. Frequent travelers, like those who move about for work are the most prone to bringing stowaways home. Ground zero for exposure can be any hotel, motel or lodging accommodation. Whether it be a 5 star hotel or a hut, if it’s frequented by travelers, bed bugs may be thriving and poised for attack.

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