Bodnar's Auction

Toys Have Become the Predominant Seller at Bodnar's Auction

A local auction in NJ has become the leading competitor of its kind. Having been in business for nearly 24 years, Bodnar's Auction has become the largest auction house in Central New Jersey. Bodnar's Auction sells a wide variety of items — over 5,000 each sale, to be exact. From quality antiques ranging from clothes, accessories, and textiles to collectibles including dolls, records, and comics, no sale has been greater than that of their toy collection.

Bodnar's Auction Explains Why Selling at an Auction Is Beneficial

Auctioning has become a hidden gem over the years. Bodnar's Auction, the largest auction in Central New Jersey, has been running for over 24 years. They pride themselves on cultivating relationships in the auction industry and creating a team environment with management and employees that are experts at what they do.

Bodnar's Auction Offers the Widest Selection of Items in Central New Jersey

Bodnar's Auction, headquartered in the heart of the Garden State, is proud to offer the most extensive selection of items of any auction house in Central New Jersey. With over 5,000 items in every sale, there is no better place to enjoy the ultimate auction experience than Bodnar's Auction.