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Carlton Pools Announces the Opening of New Location in Dublin, PA

LogoWith over 40 years of experience in the pool industry as a contractor, Carlton Pools has built custom in-ground water entertainment spaces for commercial and residential customers all across NJ and PA. Their team of swimming pool builders in the Lehigh County, PA area is devoted to providing the best level of service and products in the Tristate region. With the motive to expand their services further, the company is pleased to announce that they have opened up a brand new location in Dublin, PA at 105 N Main Street. The new store made its debut a few weeks ago, offering custom pool design, construction services, maintenance agreements, and pool products.

Carlton Pools Now Offering Pool Building Services for Residential and Commercial Properties This Spring

LogoWhen property owners choose Carlton Pools to create and build their new water entertainment oasis, they trust in the Carlton Difference. For over 40 years, the contractors have constructed custom swimming pools in Toms River, NJ and afar from scratch to generate a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience for their customers. What sets the company apart from other pool builders is their state-of-the-art structural design, which provides unsurpassed strength and durability so that each pool will last for years to come. This spring, Carlton Pools is looking to embark on new pool building projects for residential and commercial properties.

Carlton Pools Contracting Division to Build and Renovate Custom Pools This Spring

LogoResidents who have always dreamed of having their personal water oasis in their backyard can make it happen with the trained professionals of Carlton Pools. The company's dedicated team of contractors will be taking on new custom swimming pool projects throughout Ocean County, NJ, and other surrounding regions to help property owners achieve their at-home paradise. By following a strict timeline and using state-of-the-art equipment, pools are built, installed and renovated with the utmost quality and precision by highly trained technicians. Consultations are provided for those looking to embark on a journey toward a new pool project before the summer season arrives.

Property Owners Get Peace of Mind with the Maintenance Service of Carlton Pools

LogoAre there too many algae in the pool? Is the pool plumbing system completely frozen? Is the pool cover on tight and securely? Questions such as these can be difficult for a property owner to answer due to a busy lifestyle and time constraints that take time away from pool responsibilities. Rather than stress over the condition of their pools, commercial business owners and homeowners can put the pool maintenance legwork on a certified technician by hiring a maintenance service. At Carlton Pools, there is a plethora of pool maintenance service options available to suit specific needs and adhere to a budget. Their professional maintenance services consist of pool opening, pool closing, winterization and valet service.

Carlton Pools Accomplishes Renovation Projects Throughout the Winter Season

LogoMany pool owners miss out on enjoying the leisure of their pool because they opt to have it renovated in the summer. As pool renovation projects can take up to a month to complete, it severely diminishes the time left for swimming. Carlton Pools, one of the premium swimming pool contracting companies serving Berks County, PA, performs pool remodeling projects during the winter season so that homeowners can have their outdoor oasis finished in time for spring. Their topnotch renovation services show misguided homeowners that high-quality pool renovation can be conducted during cold climates without any disturbances.

The Remodeling Services of Carlton Pools Upgrade Pools to Make Them Energy Efficient

LogoAppliances aren't the only household features on the market that are energy efficient, thanks to an advancement in technology over the past few years. Now, pool owners can opt for products and systems that will make their outdoor water entertainment area energy efficient as well. At Carlton Pools, a wide range of eco-friendly pool features are available for remodeling, building or installation. The company has been renovating pools for commercial businesses and residential properties to make them more sustainable by reducing the usage of chemicals and the usage of watts needed for it to function. Shotcrete pools can be remodeled for energy efficiency during the winter so that they are complete in time to be re-opened for spring.

In-Ground Pools Stay in Top Shape with the Maintenance Services of Carlton Pools

LogoWithout proper maintenance, an in-ground pool can be susceptible to becoming damaged, especially if it is neglected in the winter. With the assistance of qualified pool technicians, an in-ground pool can be kept in top condition all throughout the cold climate months. Carlton Pools, the premium pool company of the NJ and PA region, devotes its maintenance services to making sure pools are correctly cared for during the winter. The franchise specializes in skillfully maintaining commercial and residential in-ground shotcrete pools so that future issues and breakdowns can be avoided come spring.

Carlton Pools Winterizes Custom in-Ground Pools as Part of Valet Service

LogoWithout the right shape cover to protect the pool from damaging natural elements, issues may arise in the future. The premium pool service franchise, Carlton Pools, specializes in producing custom in-ground pool covers as well as topnotch winterizing valet service. Homeowners can stay inside their warm and cozy home as the technician arrives to properly prepare the pool for the winter season. The valet service workers close up the pool by assessing any current problems, testing the chemicals, cleaning the equipment and placing the cover on tightly.

Carlton Pools Offers a Wide Selection of Renovation Services for in-Ground Pools

LogoTo get the best experience out of a backyard pool, it should have all the features needed to please the unique preferences of the homeowner. To initiate a remodeling project for the pool, homeowners should contact a highly skilled team of swimming pool contractors in Chester County, PA, to get the process on the right track. If looking for a team of trustworthy CPO Certified Service Technicians, Carlton Pools is the ultimate solution. The company offers a full line of exquisite remodeling pool services that focus on renewing the space to the owner's liking. Homeowners that have an in-ground pool in need of an upgrade, repair or overall revamping can rely on the builders to complete the task.

Carlton Pools Specializes in Custom in-Ground Pool Sales and Pool Services

LogoWhen it comes to designing a customized pool for the backyard, homeowners need the expertise of a sales professional to assist them with their project. The premier pool construction company, Carlton Pools, specializes in providing their customers with the pool sales experience and pool services they need and deserve. The sales team of the customer friendly company partner with their clients throughout the entire project to ensure it is complete and done properly. Carlton Pools has an extensive background in pool service and sales, which has made them a successful franchise.