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Songwriter Hears Conscious Calling for Music, Society Needs a Conscience Too

Milliea Taylor McKinney, started her adult life touching the hearts of others in education. Later she would pursue her life long dream as a songwriter, to finally get a break with her now friend Publisher, and Record Producer Marsha Brown, of Brandon Hills Music & Jandar Records. Taking home with her many recognitions, awards and a conscience.

Nashville Music Professional Songwriter Business Owner Joins Musik and Film Cinderella Out Of The Box Records Team As VP Of Label Promotions

Milliea Taylor McKinney, is an accomplished award winning songwriter, and music professional. Her experience in the music industry has allowed her to work with some amazing professionals in the industry.

Funky P 'Move Your Body' Moves Airwaves World Wide

Word travels fast in the music industry when it comes to the stylistic sound of Funky P. Based in Luxembourg, Funky P, is a modern soul-funk band led by the charismatic, Roosevelt Isaac, (aka) Funky P. News has it the release of their funky new dance mix 'Move Your Body,' has been unleashed to radio June 2012.

J.J. Crowne, Singer-Songwriter for the 21st century, Signed to World-wide Distribution With Musik and Film and Out of The Box Records

Musik and Film and Out of the Box Records are proud to announce the release of J.J. Crowne’s new EP, “Another Day Of Love.” In long held traditions, J.J. Crowne's "Another Day of Love" weaves compelling stories of "life, love, and Lennon."

Los Angeles Exhibition 'Arts 4 Life' Opening Saturday June 9th at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery, Celebrating Los Angeles' Contemporary Urban Street Artists

MuzArt World Foundation and Right to Succeed will host the ‘Arts 4 Life’ exhibit, recognizing LA Contemporary Urban Street Artists, opening Saturday June 9 at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery of Santa Moncia. All proceeds from opening night will benefit MuzArt World Foundation & Right To Succeed – nonprofit organizations that provide quality arts education to underfunded public schools. Additionally, the Arts 4 Life exhibit will include works by 24 students, grades 9-11 from the Los Angeles School of Global Study.

Teens Express Gratitude to Conscious Music Entertainment and Encourages Other Teens to Follow Their Own Dream...While CME and Muzart Give Them the Resources to Sing As Though No One Were Listening

Josie Passantino, and Lenore Luca, are not your average teens of today in fact they are voices of the future. Role models for their peers.

Icon in Music Industry to Save Music Legacy

When you say the name Pat Melfi, you may or, may not know the name because his preference is the “back room”, however, his background and his professional record speaks loud and clear as to who he is and how he will be remembered. Pat Melfi, for those who are not sure is one of music industries most respected names on the business side of the music industry.

What Is Multi- Platinum R&B Group Champaign Doing

Pauli Carman, lead singer and the driving force behind 80’s Super-group Champaign, to help MuzArt World Foundation reach schools, and communities across the country with the poignant message and music of Each One Teach One. This catalog includes over 900 Top Ten Billboard charting hit songs that represent a chronology of what has made American music what it is today. Household legends in popular music such as Bill Haley, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, and Alice Cooper, are just a few of the names that grace the pop catalog.

Conscious Music Entertainment Celebrates Mentor-ship Success Through Music and Voice

Milliea McKinney, an award winning songwriter from Nashville, who gets her credits for writing for the legends of country music. Milliea, wanted to do something that would impact the world so she formed Conscious Music Entertainment, partnered by 'Five Time Promoter Of The Year,' and Former VP to MCA Records Pat Melfi. The duo, came together to make a huge difference targeting the needs of societies youth through music. Melfi also, the founder of Muzart World Foundation, supporting music education legacy. The companies function is as a talent agency, however the twist to this unique company offers a mentor-ship to youth through music lyrics. A concept both McKinney, and Melfi would understand as music professionals.

World Renowned Actress Aura Figueiredo to Endorse Muzart World Foundation

Actress, Aura Figueiredo, Desperate Housewives, ER, Passion, Albino Alligator to help MuzArt World Foundation reach schools and communities across the world with the poignant message and music of Each One Teach One.