DesignBoard Set to Impress at Grand Designs Live

DesignBoard, one of the world-leading brands of composite decking, are set to impress at Grand Designs Live later this month, taking place at Excel, London from 4th to 12th May, allowing for people to see DesignBoard it its entirety, and to obtain all of the information regarding the product that they need.

DesignBoard Helps Customers Choose the Most Suitable DesignBoard Colours

One outdoor flooring solution is rising rapidly each and every day – composite decking. And, one of the UK's leading suppliers of this material is DesignBoard. DesignBoard are renowned throughout the flooring industry not only for offering one of the highest quality composite decking products, but also for the leading advice and guidance that they offer at all times – recently providing their customers with assistance in choosing the most suitable DesignBoard colours based on their individual needs and circumstances.

Industry Expert Antony Pasquini Answers Composite Decking Questions

DesignBoard's general manager Antony Pasquini knows everything that there is to know about composite decking and has been a firm enthusiast of the material for some time. In charge of all things DesignBoard related, including product development, Antony understands every aspect of DesignBoard composite decking, and in turn is on hand to answer any questions that consumers may have.

DesignBoard Share Composite Decking Ideas

DesignBoard, one of the UK favourite and leading suppliers of high quality composite decking (DesignBoard), has recently taken to their website blog to share some amazing composite decking ideas, showing their customers that composite decking is not just outdoor flooring and that it can actually be used in many different ways.

Popular DesignBoard FAQs Answered

DesignBoard is an innovative composite decking product boasting many great qualities, making it a popular choice amongst people looking to transform their gardens. However, with this in mind as the flooring material is relatively new there are still many people with questions, and to assist all DesignBoard has recently updated their websites to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

DesignBoard Used in Award Winning Gardens at RHS Malvern Spring Festival

DesignBoard decking was featured within two award winning gardens at the festivals, and it is thought that the upcoming flooring solution contributed to the winnings more than people may think.

DesignBoard Reveal Three Main Benefits of Composite Decking Products

DesignBoard, a leading supplier of composite decking products has recently revealed what they consider to be the three greatest benefits of DesignBoard, with the ultimate intention of urging more people to choose DesignBoard for their gardens. Combining all of the attractive qualities of timber whilst holding all of the low maintenance and reliability that composite decking offers, DesignBoard composite decking is growing in popularity each and every day throughout the UK, and according to DesignBoard of lot of it has to do with these three reasons:

DesignBoard Share Expert Composite Decking Cleaning Tips

DesignBoard, the UK's leading supplier of London composite decking boards, has now updated their website to include DesignBoard cleaning and maintenance tips. One of the greatest benefits of DesignBoard is that it doesn't take a lot of maintenance to look great. To ensure DesignBoard constantly looks in good condition and that it lasts as long as possible, simple procedures do need to be followed.