Digital Media

A Web Design Solution for Small Businesses

For some people, creating a website from scratch may not be easy. This is one of the main reasons why BusinessZoom launches its latest solution that will save a huge time and money to have a layout and web design professionally done.

A Website Builder With an Integrated Business Directory for Australian Small Businesses

Today, BusinessZoom announced the availability of its new service that allows small businesses to quickly and easily create their online websites using Website Builder.

The first Website Builder With Business Directory for Australian Businesses Will Be Available for Free

An Australian company, BusinessZoom have launched a Website Builder for businesses that comes with Business Directory. The site is dedicated to Australian small businesses and has already attracted a significant number of small businesses from around Australia to sign up with the services.

Australian's Small Businesses Including Tradesmen, Removals and Builders Move Away from Traditional Media

The trend has shown that small businesses are moving to Internet media as one of the best ways to grow their business.