Direct Liaisons

Direct Liaisons Comment on Edinburgh Turbine Factory

With a major new wind farm factory planned for Leith Docks, paving the way for a renewable revolution, business leaders have hailed the “dawn of a new Leith”. The facility plans to create 800 skilled jobs, and bring an estimated £125m of investment. Edinburgh fought off competition from Hartlepool and Dundee to become the preferred location for the wind turbine blade factory. Spanish energy giant Gamesa aims to begin construction early next year and ramp up production of the 160-feet blades by mid-2014. Leith docks will be used to ship the components to their destinations. The number of jobs will gradually increase to 800 once orders are allocated to the facility. “I’m really excited that Edinburgh is going to be the location for this fantastic project,” said a source from Direct Liaisons, an Edinburgh based sales and marketing company.

Direct Liaisons Comment on George Street Festival

Ambitious new plans for George Street could see the area closed off to traffic, as a major new festival venue including outdoor bars and cafes is created. Where the existing parking bays are located, a Spiegeltent would be built under the proposals, designed to help the city centre fight back against the drift of Festival activity to the south side of the Capital.

Direct Liaisons on Glasgow Electric Car Facility

A new dedicated facility, set to open in the centre of Glasgow, will allow motorists to test-drive and hire electric vehicles. The facility is to open at power firm SSE’s Scottish Hydro Centre for Renewable Excellence, alongside a permanent renewable energy exhibition. Motorists will be able to rent cars, electric scooters and bikes from the centre, which will also allow them to charge their vehicles for free. “We’re really excited about the centre,” said a staff member at Direct Liaisons, a local sales and marketing company, “It should go a long way towards cutting down the carbon emissions in the city.”

Direct Liaisons Comments on Facebook Technical Problem Across Europe

Facebook was unavailable for a number of users mostly across Europe on Wednesday due to "technical difficulties". The social network's smartphone and tablet apps were also affected, users on Twitter reported problems accessing Facebook in many countries, including the UK, for about two hours. A spokesperson for facebook said "Today we experienced technical difficulties causing the site to be unavailable for a number of users in Europe," the company said in a statement”