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When Gym-Goers Partake in Brutal Workouts, They Use Nayoya's Weight Lifting Straps

Nayoya Wellness, a health and fitness company that helps people attain a pain-free and stress-free life, recently announced that its in-demand weight lifting straps are now back in stock on Amazon.com. The comfortable straps, which were so popular that Nayoya Wellness’ entire inventory sold out within three days, protect the hands and wrists while making the user feel at one with the bar, remove grip fatigue, and aid against the formation of ugly hand callouses.

70-Year-Old Man Launches First Website About Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Helps 40K People in the First Month

When Stephen Pewter’s grandson gave him his first computer ever as a birthday gift in May, 2012, he had no idea that within a year he would learn how to build a website from scratch, and create one of the most successful Medicare supplemental insurance comparison sites that is currently on the Internet.

Search for Sex Offender Nearby with a New Web Site: Local Crime Alerts

With concerns over potential contacts with sex offenders on the minds of parents and caregivers everywhere, a new, free web site makes it easier to search for sex offender nearby. That site is www.localcrimealerts.com, and it’s simple to use.

Community Service Help Has Just Surpassed One Million Hours of Community Service Volunteering

Community Service Help, the leading provider of online community service programs, has just announced that they have surpassed 1,000,000 hours of approved community service volunteering.

PEHHS.com Senior Recruiter Wesley Anderson Is Having a Banner Year

PEHHS.com, a company that helps executives find top-level jobs that pay lucrative annual salaries, has just announced that since January, one of their top recruiters has helped 37 executives land high paying positions. Since the beginning of 2014, Wesley Anderson has had an over 80 percent placement rate, with his clients securing jobs that pay between $300,000 and $1 million a year.

Albertson & Davidson, LLP Announces Cheri L. Brettmann as Of Counsel Attorney

Albertson & Davidson, LLP—a firm specializing in California trust, estate, and will litigation and planning–is pleased to announce the addition of attorney Cheri L. Brettmann as Of Counsel attorney. Ms. Brettmann graduated Magna Cum Laude from Whittier Law School in 2006, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Political Science from California State University, Fullerton. Ms. Brettmann is an experienced trust and estate planning attorney who brings valuable insight and considerable legal acumen to the Albertson & Davidson team.

Laguna Beach Dentist Dr. Sterling Posts New Article About the Benefits of 'Oil Pulling'

In the 35-plus years that he’s been practicing, Laguna Beach dentist Dr. Sterling thought he had heard and seen everything. As he wrote in a new article that was just posted to his website, Dr. Richard Sterling recently found out that he can still learn things from his patients.

Moogento Announces New Magento Updates to Its pickPack and shipEasy Products

Moogento, a company that creates top-quality Magento extensions that help people customise Magento PDFs, their invoices, packing sheets and much more, has just announced a couple of upgrades to two of their most popular products.

Dr. Forrest Hannan in Glendora, CA Announces the Educational Dinner Engagement for Diabetic Patients

At the Diabetic Educational Dinner, Dr. Forrest Hannan, D.C. discusses how traditional diabetic handling includes prescribing one or more oral medications to manage the disease and as the problem progresses more types of insulin will be required. These drugs will need to be taken for the rest of the patient’s life. As a result, research shows the use of insulin increases the chance for complications which include heart problems, stroke, cancer, neuropathy, eye problems, kidney problems, and any cause of death when compared to oral medications..

ChangingTheScript.com Features Articles on Top Publishing Companies for New Authors

ChangingTheScript.com, the premier online resource dedicated to helping independent writers build relationships with nationally and internationally recognized top publishing companies, is pleased to announce the remodel of its website and the release of numerous additional articles designed to help new authors learn how to publish their work.