Announces Start of Voting on $500 Charity Giveaway

Last month, informed their blog audience of a $500 product giveaway meant for a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Previously detailed in their first post was a description of what a 501(c)(3) organization is, as well as a wealth of information on Title 25 of the US Internal Revenue Code and specifics about requirements and restrictions for 501(c)(3) eligibility. This month the national wholesale distributor has announced the commencement of the customer voting process. Announces $500 Giveaway in Products to 501(c)(3) Charity of Customers' Choice is a national wholesale distributor that has earned a reputation for their outstanding quality of products and their ability to provide significantly low prices on large quantities of goods. As a company that prides itself on being able to supply charities with the items necessary to aid communities and families, is taking a bigger step in contributing to the lives of those in need. Has Wide Variety of Wholesale Flip Flops and Sandals for Sale

Business owners looking to stock their stores with essential summer accessories can turn to for all of their seasonal footwear needs. The online wholesaler carries a wide array of sandals for men, women, and children. Not only do they have traditional flip flops, a perennial favorite among beach-goers, but they also have slides, jelly sandals, and fashionable sandals with various decorative elements. Their diverse offerings allow retailers to choose the footwear that would be most appealing to their customer base. Releases List of Top 5 Summer Items for Retailers, international importer and wholesale distributor, has compiled a list of the five most sought-after items for online retailers to equip their stores with for the summer of 2017. Online retailers and other small businesses are encouraged to visit their website to both view the list and pre-order supplies.