Executive Auto Salon

Executive Auto Salon Provides Restoration for Vehicles Both Old and New

LogoExecutive Auto Salon is a go-to provider of auto repair, paint jobs, car washes, and detailing solutions around Philadelphia, PA. The company is known for restoring classic cars by upgrading the interior and exterior of vehicles in poor condition due to rust and aging. The business also fixes new cars that are damaged due to accidents, weather, and other wear and tear. Executive Auto Salon is trusted throughout the Tri-state area due to the extensive experience and accolades that the automotive organization possesses.

Executive Auto Salon a Leading Auto Detailer Around Philadelphia

LogoThe demand for auto detailing in Philadelphia is high. With new construction constantly being built, the city's population is inevitably going to increase. The influx of residents will also lead to the rise in the number of automobiles who need paint jobs in Philadelphia. Urban driving is much different from navigating rural roads. Metropolitan highways are more fast paced, and there is more traffic. The crowded streets ultimately correlate to increased accidents. Whether individuals need auto body repairs or a new look, clients continue to trust Executive Auto Salon.

Executive Auto Salon Paints and Details Food Trucks Around Philadelphia

LogoExecutive Auto Salon specializes in providing professional auto reconditioning services for cars and food trucks across the Greater Philadelphia area. The company was founded in 2001 by Christopher Toriello, who sought to raise the bar for customers in need of automobile upgrades. The organization was considered the best auto body shop in Philadelphia a handful of times in the last few years, which illustrates the high-quality solutions they offer.

Executive Auto Salon Paints Custom Logos for Food Trucks

LogoExecutive Auto Salon, the East Coast's preferred auto body shop for everything from collision repair to detailing, is currently taking orders for customized food trucks. The shop is renowned for its ability to transform the barest of vehicles into a full-service mobile food vending powerhouse, complete with cooking surfaces, cooling units, LED menu boards and efficient power supplies. One of the shop's specialties is its use of BASF Glasurit 90 line paint to create head-turning graphics that grab the attention of hungry customers.

Executive Auto Salon Is Taking Food Truck Orders for the 2016 Season

LogoExecutive Auto Salon, the premier food truck builder on the East Coast, is now taking orders for the upcoming 2016 season. Some local customers may already know them for their exemplary abilities in auto restoration for the Philadelphia area, but the company has been providing some of the best mobile kitchens around for quite some time. Warmer weather means more shoppers, which means mobile food service operators are preparing for a busy season. Executive Auto Salon has provided eye-catching trucks that fit all types of needs and tastes for years.

Executive Auto Salon Preferred in Philadelphia for Custom Car Painting

LogoExecutive Auto Salon maintains a top reputation in the Philadelphia area among car owners of every ilk, whether ordinary vehicle owners or individuals who dedicate their time to displaying their exotic sports vehicles in shows and competitions. The shop has earned their reputation through decades of consistently superior auto body repair, detailing and customization. Their suite of customization services includes custom car painting in Philadelphia.

Meticulous Auto Detailing Packages Available at Executive Auto Salon

LogoExecutive Auto Salon's sterling reputation has been earned through decades of consistently excellent service to Philadelphia vehicle owners. Owners of all makes and models of vehicles, including owners of show cars and exotic cars, have brought their automobiles to Executive Auto Salon for gorgeous custom paint jobs, the creation of customized food trucks and mechanical repair after even the most severe accidents.

Exotic Car Owners in Philadelphia Trust Executive Auto Salon for Customization, Repairs and More

LogoExotic cars and sports cars are a big investment for their owners, and are typically the pride and joy of any driver who owns one. These finely designed vehicles require equally fine-quality levels of care from trained technicians who are educated in the particular needs of each model of vehicle. In Philadelphia, owners of sports cars, exotic cars and show vehicles trust Executive Auto Salon for the best in auto body work, including repairs and customization. The Executive Auto Salon team has decades of experience in world-class customization, repair and detailing.

Custom Auto Body Work Available at Executive Auto Salon

LogoThe finest auto body work on the East Coast is available at Executive Auto Salon, one of the best-respected body shops in North East Philadelphia. Executive Auto Salon has been in business for over two decades, and has built up a rich history of regularly exceeding the expectations of what is possible in terms of custom paint, auto body repair and auto customization. Furthermore, the shop has a nationwide reputation as a leading builder of mobile food trucks. Executive Auto Salon is consistently available to take customers in need of custom work, whether auto detailing in preparation for a show or auto collision repair in Philadelphia.

Executive Auto Salon Available to Repair Bentleys in Philadelphia

LogoLuxury cars like Bentleys that are in need of repair need to be treated with a high degree of mechanical expertise. Ordinary auto shops usually can't be trusted with the specialized work needed by these fine-tuned vehicles. However, Executive Auto Salon of Philadelphia is an exception to the general rule. The shop can perform expert Bentley repairs in Philadelphia, as well as repairs on other luxury, sports or show cars.