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Northern Property Investment Experts Prepare to Embrace New North/South Divide

LogoAinsworth Lord Estates, a specialist property firm based in and around East Lancashire, are preparing to embrace the sudden change to the UK housing market. The firm offer a range of different property services, and will be keen to help curious customers who are responding to the sudden change in property attitudes in the UK.

FonePaw Releases New Mac Cleaner to Help in Optimizing Mac Computers in Easy and Efficient Way

LogoFonePaw Software, the famous PC and Mac utility developer, releases one of the most powerful Mac cleanup utilities – MacMaster 2.0. The new version of this Mac cleaner can help Mac users clean up and optimize Mac computer in more efficient way. Now, it is fully compatible with macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Simple Lighting Invest Significantly in New Mobile Website

LogoOne of the most respected domestic and commercial lighting specialists in the UK has just launched a new mobile website for their customers. It is hoped the move will encourage a boost in sales and ensure anyone who wants to purchase from the store can do so using any device they have at hand. Simple Lighting invested heavily in creating a domain that matches and exceeds their customer's expectations. Anyone who needs lighting solutions for almost any application just needs to visit the new website and take a look at the items in stock.

Cherrystone Auctions Announces an Upcoming Live Public Auction to Be Held on March 20-21, 2018

LogoNew York Stamp house, Cherrystone Auctions, has posted some of the details of its upcoming March 2018 Public Auction on its website. The action will be held from 10:00 AM Tuesday, March 20 up to 4:00 PM Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

Carlos Bernas Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Malas Hierbas Documentary Series

LogoCarlos Bernas is a seasoned chef, investigator and Santero from Spain and he has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming documentary series called Malas Hierbas. A Santero is basically a practicing priest of Santeria, a Cuban religion based in syncretism of Africa and Europe. As a Cuban living in Barcelona, Carlos is also a keen researcher, who has a great interest in unique and exotic herbs that can be used in a kitchen.

Winners of the APAC 2018 International Chamber of Commerce Awards Announced

LogoEventBank, the leading provider of the chamber of commerce management and event management software, recently announced the winners of the 2nd annual APAC 2018 International Chambers of Commerce Awards. The winning chambers of commerce and executives were announced during the first-ever online conference for the chambers in the Asia Pacific 'APAC 2018 Chambers of Commerce Online Conference'.

SpyCrushers Spy Cameras Launches Facebook Contest

LogoSpyCrushers rep announces free spy camera product contest on Facebook.

Life Pro Pet Has Started a New 30% off Promotion for Their All in One Dog Supplement on Amazon

LogoLife Pro Pet has started a new 30% off promotion on for their new all in one supplement for dogs.

Houston Home Security Experts Share Their Views on Benefits of Installing Home Security Systems

LogoSecurity and safety at home are becoming the most important priorities for homeowners around the world. With increasing crime and burglary rates in major cities, people are looking for reliable ways to help keep themselves, their families, and their valuables safe. The emergence of home security systems as a viable solution has been an enduring trend over the last few decades, to say the least, and Houston Home Security experts have been offering their guidance regarding the benefits that these systems offer.

Pinnacle Security Launches Installation Services for Residential and Small Business Security Systems in Calgary

LogoPinnacle Security is now offering installation services for residential and small businesses security systems. The company has secured the required authorization to offer these services and is looking forward to serving residential homeowners and small businesses in Calgary.