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Glamping Season Has Arrived at the Shawnee Inn

LogoGlamping season (glamorous camping) is a highly anticipated time of year at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort and it is finally here. With the two new Riverside Glamping tents added to the resort's luxurious outdoor accommodations, this season is set to be especially exciting. While Glamping, guests are invited to enjoy the beautiful outdoors without all of the not so beautiful details.

Creators of Minutepay App Launch IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoThe Minutepay App offers a huge advantage over other money-transfer programs: recipients can receive a bank-to-bank transfer in 60 seconds or less rather than waiting 24 hours or more to get their money.  Now, the creators of the Minutepay App have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the development and marketing of this new program.

The Pied Piper Story Comes True - UK Householders at Risk from Super-Rat Invasion

LogoHouseholders across the UK may find super-sized rats invading their homes, gardens and outbuildings in the weeks and months ahead. An unusually-mild December and January has allowed rodent populations to explode, with potentially devastating consequences. Instead of being decimated, rats and other rodents have been eating and growing fast to a ferocious size.

Transpixel Studio Garnishing Positive Customer Response

LogoIndia based company, Transpixel Studio outshines itself in the market by gaining positive customer response and thus fulfilling their growing objectives. The company has continuously acquired positive feedback from its client's basis their price, timely turnaround and quality. The company is likely to give more value addition to its most reliable customers. The company is anticipated to have more returning customers because of the enriching experience they provide to the customers.

Shanghai Easi Computer Technology Co., Ltd Introduces an Innovative Lazertouch Mini Projector

LogoShanghai Easi Computer Technology Co., Ltd gives a fresh breath of air to mini projectors through introducing the newest Lazertouch Mini Projector specifically designed for anyone looking for an innovative and convenient, lightweight and portable mini projector. Generally, it works best and ideal for presentation and meetings. This is considered as the very first projector that integrates innovative technology that can literally transform any surface into an incredible FINGER touchscreen.

RFID Clothes Label Exclusively Offered by RFIDHY Secures Effective Tracking of Garments and Managing Inventories

LogoRadio Frequency Identification or RFID now offers valuable services capable of revolutionizing and changing the ways on how businesses track products and manage inventories. There are actually numerous benefactors of this latest technology such as producers, consumers, suppliers, retailers and more. RFID offers companies and businesses with better substitute to bar-coding for the reason that no line-of-sight is actually needed to read any product with RFID tags. These tags also contain product information which is easily accessible and readable for readers. These tags are being utilized automating the supply chain of a company, minimizing labor costs as well as reducing time spent and human errors in terms of checking on the products.

Global Road Technology to Improve Road Safety in the Middle East

LogoEvery 30 seconds a person is killed in a road crash. That's more than 3,300 deaths a day, and more than 1.2 million deaths each year, worldwide.

VictoriaBrides Now Ensures 100% Confidentiality and Safety of Their Clients

LogoIn the world of online technologies people are living today, it seems quite easy to face frauds and scams that have become too widespread nowadays. This concerns everything a person does on the web, especially shopping and communication. While common communication between people is quite popular, but not that serious in most cases, the same cannot be said about online dating. The fact is that people, who really aim at building long-lasting relationships online or offline, are very concerned with their web safety and pay special attention to selecting trustworthy and credible online dating sites, which can ensure ultimate security – the one, like VictoriaBrides.

Attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group Successfully Stop Foreclosure Immediately for Their Clients

LogoOne of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner is losing their home after receiving a foreclosure notice.  Foreclosure can be devastating financially, impairing credit, making it impossible to buy a house or car immediately afterwards, and the emotional strain is intense.  A large percentage of homeowners are unaware that a foreclosure attorney can stop a foreclosure and save their homes.  In many cases, borrowers rely on their lenders to help them save their homes without understanding that their lender may be taking advantage of them. The best way to stop a foreclosure is to get legal help from a foreclosure lawyer.

Stworzyc-Strone Has Offered a Detailed Comparison of the Best Website Builders for the Polish Residents

LogoWith the extensive development of online technologies and hundreds or personal and commercial websites that keep appearing in the global network on a daily basis, it is a must for every web designer to be aware of the best website builders they can use to make their resources unique and attention-grabbing. With this purpose, Stworzyc-Strone has decided to launch a website, which will contain the detailed, concise and informative descriptions and comparisons of the trendiest and the most popular website builders the residents of Poland can use today.