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Junk Car USA Now Offering Up to $3,500 for Wrecked Cars in 3 Simple Steps

LogoWrecked cars can sometimes constitute nuisance not only to the environment but also to the owner of the car, especially after their priced possession becomes almost useless and valueless. Junk Car USA, however, helps owners of wrecked cars get some value for their otherwise priced possession as the #1 junk car buyer in Atlanta offers as much as $3,500 for wrecked cars.

MCI Medical Alert Wristbands: A Blessing on the Wrist for Life

LogoMCI Medical Alert Wristbands have been launched as a remarkable invention that allows people with unique medical conditions and allergies, to live their lives normally. The wearable waist bands are designed with perfection and are a life-saving blessing for emergency situations. The unique MCI wristband will alert Emergency Medical personnel to the pre-existing medical condition of a patient in case of emergency and it is not only helpful like nothing else, but also looks cool and stylish on the wrist. The creators of this amazing invention have decided to seek public support by crowdfunding this band in order to have it available for everyone. They are seeking this support on Indiegogo and inviting everyone to back them. The goal of this life saving project is to raise $40,000 within two months and everyone is welcome to back this great invention on Indiegogo.

New Private Mortgage Lender Network in Markham, Canada has a new network of private lenders in Markham. These are individuals or enterprises that specialize in the provision of mortgages that don't meet banks' approval criteria. It takes 600 credit score for a bank to service any mortgage but that is a near impossible feat for residents to accomplish in Markham. For people with poor credit or low income, the only source of credit is private lenders who consider different parameters from banks when making lending decisions. They are under less severe government regulation than banks so they can risk servicing hard to place mortgages turned down by banks.

New Private Lender Mortgage Network in Brooklin presents a new network of private lenders in Brooklin. This is a special category of businesses or individuals ready to service hard to place loans by banks or institutional lenders. Credit unions and banks are strictly regulated by the government, leading to the rejection of several mortgage applications. It is projected that even fewer people will qualify for bank loans this year owing to new rules demanding qualification for higher interest rates. Individuals who fail to meet this strict set of rules must look elsewhere for loans. Private lenders provide alternative financing in form of second mortgages, bad credit loans, home equity loans and more services than banks.

Scarborough Power of Sale and Foreclosures Stopped by

LogoRon Alphonso of is a renowned real estate expert with special skills in stopping foreclosure and power of sale which a significant portion of Scarborough's population is facing. Ron has a decade of experience in stopping the dreaded foreclosure or power of sale situation. He specialises in distressed mortgages and has access to private lenders who also contribute to stopping the legal acquisition of property. Private lenders accept people with low income or bad credit but they will not lend to low equity. Experts advise people with insufficient equity to simply vacate the property as there is no possible resolution. There are many reasons why this might occur including divorce, loss of income or illness which cause the individual to miss mortgage payments. The result is loss of a property through a power of sale or foreclosure.

Giorgio Rizzi Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce AquaDike

LogoFrom the innovative mind of Giorgio Rizzi, AquaDike is a unique and resourceful way to control the uncontrollable. Flooding is a common problem all over the planet and AquaDike is the solution. Ideal for flood containment, plugging leaks, creating flood dams for riverbank improvements, protecting entranceways, circumscribing areas that are subject to flooding, keeping river bed work sites dry, and creating branches to the normal flow of waterways are a few of the amazing accomplishments of the AquaDike.

Beverly Hills Marketing Company Creates Business Growth for Local Companies

LogoWebsite Growth has recently been acknowledged as a top marketing company. This Beverly Hills marketing company, Website Growth, is a well trusted local business. As a member of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, they have supported many diverse businesses. They have worked with both new, upcoming businesses and established businesses in need of a refresh. This Beverly Hills marketing company, Website Growth, has the knowledge necessary for optimal business growth.

ZCorum Heads to the Philippines to Showcase the Latest in DOCSIS Diagnostics

LogoZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services, will showcase its portfolio of broadband diagnostics solutions for cable operators attending the Philippine Cable Television Association (PCTA) Convention. The exhibition is a 4 day event held April 4-7 at the Iloilo Convention Center in Iloilo City. This is the twenty fifth year of the Philippines' premier cable TV event. ZCorum will be presenting their software in Stand 36 to conference attendees.

Reviver an Ideal Supplement for Low-Carb, Atkins, and Ketogenic Diets

LogoIn 2017, there has been a re-emergence of low-carbohydrate diets. Whether it's primal, ketogenic, or Atkins, almost all of these low-carb diets often underestimate the need for proper electrolyte intake. In fact, Dr. Jeff Volek, a scientific researcher and specialist in low-carb diets has suggested, that mineral and electrolyte management is the key to avoiding the "keto-flu". When transitioning from a Standard American Diet to a low-carbohydrate diet, it is very common for the body to undergo flu-like side effects. Hence the name keto-flu. The reason for this is, that a person reduces total carbohydrate intake, the body both retains less and more easily expels electrolytes.

Chinese Language Academy Offers Classes in New York

LogoThe Chinese Language Academy (CLA) of New York ( offers classes to those wishing to learn to speak Chinese Mandarin in the New York area. The Chinese Language Academy is a language education company focusing on providing high-quality and fast-paced Chinese language classes to companies, government agencies, and individuals. After great success in Los Angeles and Washington DC, they are opening their New York branch this April. The instructors are native Chinese speakers who have graduated from top US universities such as Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, UCLA, and USC, and they are highly qualified and certified to teach Chinese language.