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Cyril Pahinui & Friends Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Fund "Let's Play Music"

Logo"Let's Play Music" is a documentary featuring "slack key" or Hawaiian music by noted singer and performer Cyril Pahinui and his friends.  It features many Hawaiian music icons in intimate backyard performances known as kanikapila style.  Now, the group has undertaken a new documentary, Straight From the Heart of Waimanalo or Moea No I Ka Pu'uwai E Waimanalo.  In order to fund production of this documentary that tells the untold story of a fascinating segment of Hawaiian music, the group has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money.

Creator of Thin Ice Weight-Loss Clothing Line Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoThin Ice is a line of clothing products that is designed to help individuals lose weight .  The products include a "metabolic hack" that tricks the body into thinking that it is in a colder environment than normal by specifically stimulating regions of the frame with colder temperatures.  This creates a reaction that results in physiological responses that cause the metabolism to speed up.  Users burn fat and get leaner without any additional exercise or energy output needed.  Now, the creator of Thin Ice has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for production and sales of these unique products.

Sap House Meadery IndieGoGo Campaign to Finish Renovations

LogoThe Sap House Meadery in Center Ossipee, New Hampshire, has been in business since 2009, providing quality products to locals and shipping nationally.  The facility makes several varieties of mead , which is an alcoholic beverage similar to wine but made from honey.  The success of the meadery caused the owners to expand to include a new pub area serving food and drink and a larger production facility.  However, problems with contractors led to the cessation of the project and the need to raise funds to continue.  Now, the owner has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to complete the expansion.

Class Action Against Google & Bing Aim to Force Bid Prices Down

LogoGoogle and Microsoft's search engines post ads that general billions of dollars in income each year.  Often, these ads are placed alongside organic search results based on the keywords a user inputs.  Costs for these ads are based on the popularity of keyword searches and can run from five cents to double-digit dollars.  Now, the giant companies have marked low-price keywords "irrelevant" and have stopped offering ads based on these keywords, creating artificial shortage and pushing ad prices to the dollar range. $2 per click ads are even made part of the organic listing tempting the unsuspected searcher to click on it thinking it organic result.  Further, the two companies have confiscated certain keywords to further generate artificial shortages and push prices up.

Phil Pustejovsky Discusses Real Estate Investing in New Interview with Huffington Post

LogoIn an expansive interview with the Huffington Post, Phil Pustejovsky went into great detail regarding the manner in which he evaluates and selects candidates for his real estate mentoring and coaching program. Through Pustejovsky's company Freedom Mentor, reviews of effective real estate investment strategies are discussed in such a way that the most ideal practices are clearly identified, understood and applied. Pustejovsky's Huffington Post interview provides unprecedented insight into Freedom Mentor's evaluative process for identifying the best candidates for the program.

Phil Pustejovsky Announces Release of New Freedom Mentor Book Detailing Real Estate Investment Strategies

LogoPhil Pustejovsky is announcing the release of a new book that details the strategies and principles used by Freedom Mentor as it assists those who are interested in investing in real estate properties. The book, titled How to be a Real Estate Investor, explains the varied methodologies espoused by Pustejovsky and his mentoring and coaching company while assisting investors in the real estate industry. Judging by the overwhelmingly positive Freedom Mentor reviews, the book's contents will be very likely to assist investors as they seek to achieve financial independence through real estate investment strategies.

Phil Pustejovsky Announces New Social Media Strategies for Freedom Mentor

LogoPhil Pustejovsky is known throughout the real estate industry as an expert who is readily accessible to his mentees. As the founder of Freedom Mentor, reviews of the company's various strategies are commonplace for Pustejovsky, who believes that the implementation of more expansive social media strategies will benefit the company by improving on its accessibility. The company already provides mentees with access to information through its website, Facebook page and Twitter account, and Freedom Mentor's LinkedIn profile

WBI Restarts Its Cosmetology and Barber Schools After One Years' Gap

LogoFor all those who wish to make a career in the cosmetology and beauty industry, the Western Beauty Institute Inc. has reopened its operations. It has ventured into Cosmetology, Barber and Beauty Schools for interested candidates. The entity has also introduced an educator training for those who wish to become trainers in the field. At, the enrollment, fees and other details can be perused.

Freedom Mentor Phil Pustejovsky Announces Review of Best Practices for Real Estate Investing

LogoPhil Pustejovsky, best known for his work through his company Freedom Mentor, is announcing the availability of his professional insight regarding successful real estate practices. An experienced real estate professional who has mentored countless others seeking to achieve sustained success in the real estate industry, Pustejovsky's principles are known as pragmatic and exceptionally effective, and his advice is therefore highly sought-after. The newly available Freedom Mentor reviews address the many strategies employed by those in the industry while also discussing the methods that work best and explaining why that is the case.

Creators of CAMbot Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds

LogoCAMbot is targeted at the people who do not have the time, money or skills to buy or design and build their own CNC machine. With this kit you get the fun of building, it doesn't take much time or skill and it includes everything that is needed at one affordable and realistic price.