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China Household Paper Industry Overview, 2017-2021 - New Report Available

LogoHousehold paper refers to all kinds of paper products used in daily life including toilet paper, tissue, paper handkerchief, napkin, wet tissue, kitchen paper, sanitary napkin and paper diaper. With the economic development, the household paper industry developed rapidly in recent 10 years. Household paper varieties are widely used in people's daily life with convenience and closeness to consumers including toilet paper, tissue, napkin, paper diaper for babies, sanitary napkin for ladies in supermarkets and shopping malls.

New Market Research Report: Global Satellite Broadband Communication in Public Safety Market 2016-2020

LogoSatellite broadband plays an important role in meeting public safety needs. Satellite communication in the public safety domain involves the adoption of next-generation satellite communication technology in mission-critical field applications, equipping people with real-time data, video, voice, or other forms of tactical communication, and rich media services. Satellite communication, can help ambulance crews to send the location of an injured person with updated conditions to doctors at a hospital for an early accommodation arrangement and diagnosis and immediate treatment. Police officers responding to an incident can access video and information about the scene they are about to walk into. Fire personnel can obtain information on a real-time basis about the environment they are working on. They can also view maps, images of the buildings, and other information to enable them to handle crisis situations more efficiently.

Just Published: "Global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing Gear Market 2016-2020"

LogoLanding gear system is a vital component installed on every UAV. It ensures a stable support for the UAVs at rest on the ground, establishing an appropriate shock-absorbing device and enabling the chassis to move for taxiing during manhandling. It is a mechanical system that absorbs loads during landing and taxiing, as well as transfers substantial part of these loads to the airframe, dissipating majority of the impact energy. The main functions of such landing gears include energy absorption, taxi control, and braking.

Global Removal Fluids Market 2016-2020 - New Market Study Published

LogoRemoval fluids are categorized as lubricant or coolants fabricated particularly for metalworking processes, including stamping and machining. There are different sub-segments of removal fluids include oils, oil-water emulsions, air, aerosols (mists), pastes, gels, and gases. Removal fluids may be fabricated with the help of petroleum distillates, plant oils, animal fats, air and water, and other raw ingredients. Depending on workpiece material, most machining and metalworking processes use removal fluids for their operation; exceptions are brass and cast iron, which are machined dry operating conditions.

"Food Processing Machinery Market in the US 2016-2020" Published

LogoThe food processing industry is being transformed into a high-volume industry, especially the baked food sector. The industrial baking processing machinery segment is gaining prominence over all other segments, and accounts for the largest portion of the overall sales revenue. This trend is expected to gain further traction during the forecast period, as players are trying to design their product to provide efficiency and ease of automation. Functions that were earlier performed manually, such as applying toppings on cakes, are now being automated.

K-12 Talent Management Software Market in the US 2016-2020 - New Report Available

LogoTalent management software is an application that provides a complete set of tools to organizations to automate, monitor, and analyze various HR functions efficiently. Moreover, the software assists the HR department in better talent acquisition activities, effective retention, and career succession planning strategies. Therefore, talent management applications have been gaining prominence in institutions as well.

Global Flow Cytometry Market 2016-2020 - New Market Research Report

LogoFlow cytometry is a laser or impedance-based technology used in cell sorting, cell counting, biomarker detection, and protein engineering. Flow cytometry allows for in-depth analysis of cell structures using software. The process starts with the sample concentrated into a hydrodynamically focused stream of fluid. This stream is then passed through a laser beam from a source within the instrument. The laser beam, after passing through the sample stream, disperses light in different directions. This is called scatter and is captured using optics and detectors inside the instrument.

Global Two-Wheeler Electric Fuel Injection Systems Market 2016-2020 - New Market Study Published

LogoThe fuel management system of vehicles is responsible for supplying the fuel to the combustion chamber, while maintaining the fuel-air ratio. The ratio is measured and maintained with the help of a stoichiometric method and an automatic fixture removal (AFR) process, which generate a balanced fuel-to-air ratio for combustion. The typical fuel-air ratio for gasoline and diesel-powered engines are 14.7:1 and 14.5:1 respectively, where 14.7 and 14.5 are denoted as volume of air per each part of fuel. To maintain this ratio, fuel injectors play a critical role as they spray the fuel into the combustion chamber.

"Potassium Voltage Gated Channel Subfamily C Member 1 - Pipeline Review, H2 2016" Is Now Available

LogoGlobal Markets Direct's, 'Potassium Voltage Gated Channel Subfamily C Member 1 (Voltage Gated Potassium Channel Subunit Kv3.1 or Voltage Gated Potassium Channel Subunit Kv4 or KCNC1) - Pipeline Review, H2 2016', provides in depth analysis on Potassium Voltage Gated Channel Subfamily C Member 1 (Voltage Gated Potassium Channel Subunit Kv3.1 or Voltage Gated Potassium Channel Subunit Kv4 or KCNC1) targeted pipeline therapeutics.

Market Report, "Leukocyte Surface Antigen CD47 - Pipeline Review, H2 2016", Published

LogoGlobal Markets Direct's, 'Leukocyte Surface Antigen CD47 (Antigenic Surface Determinant Protein OA3 or Integrin Associated Protein or Protein MER6 or CD47) - Pipeline Review, H2 2016', provides in depth analysis on Leukocyte Surface Antigen CD47 (Antigenic Surface Determinant Protein OA3 or Integrin Associated Protein or Protein MER6 or CD47) targeted pipeline therapeutics.